aortic valve

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a semilunar valve between the left ventricle and the aorta

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AOV is circumpolar and now encompasses more than 5400 terrestrial, marine, or atmospheric data collection platforms and sites, including boreholes, towers, sampling stations, sensor networks, vegetation plots, and stream gauges, wherever repeat Arctic Observing measurements have been collected (Fig.
Even on its own, display drives a 29% higher AOV than other single channel paths.
Others have improved AOV by altering the site's navigation so that getting from one product to another or from the shopping cart to more items is fast and easy.
However the AOV on mobile devices remained stronger.
Creating beautiful catalogs is a lot of fun, so why be bothered with small details like selling products and increasing the average order value (and I thought AOV stood for Artists on Valium)?
retail marketers dramatically increased their search spend on Bing, up 47% YoY, seeing higher AOV from shoppers on Microsoft's engine.
AOV Hard feather male/female 1 and 2 H Brown, 3 D McCabe.
AOV Hard Feather Male/Female 1 C Cordwell, 2 A Pennington, 3 P Harrison Juvenile Hard Feather Male/Female 1 T Broom, 2 and 3 J Pennington.