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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Effective June 1, 2017, Canadian Natural will operate the AOSP upstream mining assets, while Shell will continue as operator of the Scotford upgrader and Quest carbon capture and storage (CCS) project, located next to the 100% Shell-affiliate-owned Scotford refinery and chemicals plants.
If the swap were to occur, Shell would fully exit AOSP's mining operations and hold a 20% interest in the Scotford upgrader and Quest CCS project.
It is nice to see more TV makers move from AOSP to Android TV OS as Android TV works better as an OS for the TVs.
The TV has 20W sound output and runs on Android 4.4 AOSP out of the box.
The new SIM card feature was found in a AOSP Gerrit scan, but Google can still change it as the new device has still not been announced.
If the affected version [of WebView] is before 4.4, we generally do not develop the patches ourselves but do notify partners of the issue[...] If patches are provided with the report or put into AOSP we are happy to provide them to partners as well.
After Google decision to pull the Android OS support, Huawei can no longer have access to Google Play Services or other Google apps, though it can still rely on Android Open Source Project (AOSP) builds for future devices.
Nokia really did fork the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).
Now a new commit in Google's AOSP has shown that the company may be getting ready to remove the ability altogether.
According to Rahman, the highly anticipated Fuchsia OS has showed up in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and in the Android Runtime (ART) branch.
Fuchsia is an open source project, similar to AOSP, and reportedly, it could run all manner of devices, from smart home gadgets to laptops to phones.
It is AOSP. We have reviewed a few AOSP TVs in the past with their own custom launcher and the UI experience has been acceptable with a frustrating streaming service experience natively.
* The Google Pixel 4 was once again spotted on AOSP Commits.
Google's mobile operating system's website, ( Android Open Source Project (AOSP), revealed new details about Google's flagship smartphones Monday.
The Thomson UD9 40-TH1000 is a 40-inch TV that boasts of a 4K HDR panel and runs on Android (AOSP).