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the brightest star in Scorpius

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We, and all non-conflicted Antares shareholders, will hold them accountable going forward.
Khalifa Al Subaey, Group President and CEO of QIC said: "The acquisition of Antares significantly accelerates our vision to establish QIC as a global insurance group.
Khalifa Al Subaey, Group President and CEO of QIC, stated that, The acquisition of Antares is another important milestone in QIC s internationalisation strategy.
Antares is seen just in sunrise this year and shortly after sundown six months after, because Earth moves halfway around the sun relative to the backdrop stars of the Zodiac.
Headquartered in Athens, Antares provides technical and commercial management to ocean-going vessels.
Antares and its partners will follow regulatory procedures for remediation and clean-up which will not only revitalize the waterfront but also benefit the quality of the environment in the city of Stamford.
We are growing more concerned that the Antares Board is trying to muddy the waters through any and every conceivable tactic before the election results at Tuesday's general meeting.
According to Sunil Talwar, QIC Deputy CEO and Group CFO said, Antares has developed into a highly successful franchise under the stewardship of Lightyear Capital and Stephen Redmond.
Antares will now house a large portion of our operations in Stamford," said Antares principal Joseph Beninati.
Lone Star Value believes Antares shareholders deserve an immediate response to:
She left briefly to work with Antares Residential in Armonk and is now back at Houlihan Lawrence.
Carrara said, "I have enjoyed working with the team at Antares on development programs including Anturol, Libigel and Elestrin and look forward to continuing the work with the ATD technology platform at Ferring.
Lone Star Value Urges All Antares Shareholders to Vote the BLUE AND WHITE Proxy Form to Support the Election of ALL FIVE Lone Star Value Independent and Experienced Candidates
Greenwich, CT-based Antares Investment Partner made history this week when the company announced what is believed to be the largest real estate acquisition in Connecticut history.