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the part of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls involuntary actions of the smooth muscles and heart and glands

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ConocoPhillips Jones Act tanker Polar Discovery exported ANS in October 2014, but it did not subsequently go to Singapore to dry dock.
ANS provides turnkey solutions for five (5) product sectors including:
We heavily exploit the fact that ANS production experienced a very significant, exogenous decline during the 1990s, as the ANS fields passed their peak productivity.
Du Bois did emphasize that ANS is not syndicating "fluff," but rather substantial stories about "hard earned" local solution initiatives of national interest
Deliveries of ANS to interior markets by pipeline from the West Coast has served to alleviate pipeline shortages from the Gulf Coast.
Selevance and Teevance are ideal for Phase 3, as they contain unique blends of ingredients to help support the signaling and function of the ANS control centers in a 'top-down' approach to support proper functioning throughout the body.
ANS service will provide a platform to host new digital systems and allow our IT team to focus on developing these systems rather than managing and maintaining the infrastructure.
Managed services director of ANS, Paul Shannon, stated: "Our decision to utilise M247's data centre offering was supported by the continued growth of ANS and our commitment to giving the best service to our customers.
More than 30,000 patients worldwide have been implanted with ANS neurostimulation systems to help alleviate their chronic pain.
Approval of the Eon system provides physicians in Australia with a new tool to combat chronic pain," said Chris Chavez, president of ANS.
Corning Cable Systems, part of Corning Incorporated's (NYSE: GLW) Telecommunications segment, announces ANS Advanced Network Services, LLC as the newest member of the selective Corning Total Access Program(SM) (TAP).
Physicians throughout the European Union will now have a broader choice among neurostimulation systems to treat their patients," said Chris Chavez, president of ANS.
It is also available as a software upgrade to the ANS Rapid Programmer(R) platform, first introduced to the market in September 2003, and is fully-compatible with the full family of ANS spinal cord stimulation products, including the Eon(TM), Genesis(R), GenesisXP(TM), GenesisRC(TM), and Renew(R) neurostimulation systems, as well as the MTS(R) trial stimulator.
ANS provides IT services to various federal civilian and Defense Department agencies including Department of State, Department of Interior, Housing and Urban Development and the United States Army and Air Force.