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the part of the nervous system of vertebrates that controls involuntary actions of the smooth muscles and heart and glands

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To develop the product, ANS constructed a detailed record of quote activity in the U.
Paul Shannon, MD of Managed Services at ANS, said: The service will provide both organisations with increased flexibility and resilience, ensuring that their IT systems suit both their current and future needs.
The new facilities will get the ANS team closer to its customers and improve their operational efficiently.
Based in Manchester, ANS Group delivers consistently high levels of customer
Systems to carry ANS crude oil to markets east of the Rockies have been needed.
Phase 2: Fully address neurotransmitter imbalances and prepare the ANS for direct support.
ANS will take a biometrically-secured colocation 'cage' within M247's newest Trafford Park data centre in addition to a range of high-capacity optical connectivity services to interconnect with the present ANS Cloud backbone.
In its new role, ANS will coordinate and supervise the daily operation of the newspaper's home delivery distribution, including route creation and modification.
More than 30,000 patients in 25 countries have been implanted with ANS spinal cord stimulation systems to treat chronic pain of the trunk and limbs.
Together, the integrated capabilities of Achievo and ANS Group will allow us to offer an even greater breadth of high quality and affordable solutions to a variety of power-house industries in Japan such as electronics, computer equipment, manufacturing, financial services, transportation, and telecom.
Coker, MD, president of the ANS, presented the results of a poll of ANS members to both the BOG and to Dr.
Coinciding with this approval, ANS has launched an upgraded version of its rechargeable spinal cord stimulation device, the Eon([R]) with NeuroDynamix technology.
Co-located with the ANS 2005 Winter Meeting, the event will feature professional development, current issues, and even a 'dress for success' luncheon speaker.
Approval of the Eon system provides physicians in Australia with a new tool to combat chronic pain," said Chris Chavez, president of ANS.
Fortune magazine recently ranked ANS as the 8th fastest growing small company in its annual list of the Top 200 Fastest Growing Small Companies in the United States.