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amide combining the amino group of one amino acid with the carboxyl group of another

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He said that on women seats, the JI and ANP members will give second priority votes to the PML-N candidate Raeesa Daud Khan.
Asfandyar Wali Khan said that ANP is in favour of the merger of FATA into KP since the very beginning and have always given respect to women.
Shah Farooq, a senior ANP leader who was also an aspirant to get the party ticket, said that he respected the party leadership's decision.
He also called upon the women folk of ANP to stand strong with Bacha Khan Baba's movement.
The ANP President said that Imran Khan was in habit of declaring the entire political party corrupt, over tainted record of an individual in that party.
Ibrar Khalil held the ANP Central Finance, Arbab Tahir responsible for the whole scenario and disappointment among the ideological workers.
The attack on the ANP gathering is just a beginning.
Saglikli insanlarda plazmada ANP duzeyini artiran sebeplerden en sik gorulenleri, intravenoz tuzlu su yuklenmesi, yatmak suretiyle meydana gelen pozisyon degisikligi sonucu dolasan hacmin merkeze kaymasi, kan basincinda ani olarak meydana gelen yukselme ve "afterload" da artis, ani olarak sodyum aliminda artis, glukokortiokoidler, androjenler ve tiroid hormonlari (atrial kas hucrelerinden ANP'in sentezini direkt olarak uyarirlar) (11), kronik bobrek yetersizligi (7,12), konjestif kalp yetersizligi (13,14), esansiyel hipertansiyon (14), karaciger sirozu (14), atrial fibrilasyon ve atrial tasikardidir (15,16,17).
ii) neither the NP nor the ANP is configured from a single repeated digit
ANP and ISAF continued to engage the insurgents in a fire fight from the ground and air until the early morning hours.
One week later, 54 percent of untreated rats had died of stroke, compared to 17 percent of the ANP group.
Yet researchers have not yet determined whether or how genetic variations in ANP contribute to hypertension in humans.
Nasdaq:CGEN) announced today the successful demonstration of functional activity for splice variants of c-Met receptor, MCP1 chemokine, and ANP hormone.
PESHAWAR -- A delegation of ANP led by its Central President Asfandyar Wali Khan Thursday visited Chinese Embassy at Islamabad and met with Ambassador Yao Jing.
Bashir Bilour and nine others were killed when a suicide bomber targeted an ANP rally in Peshawar on Dec 22, 2012.