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a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means

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Statistic Model Anova: The review of the Variance (anova) was applied to check the lineal hypothesis between the dependent variable and the independent, comparing the variable exposed of the model and the residual variable.
Type-I error rates regarding ANOVA were calculated by dividing the number of falsely rejected H 0 hypotheses by the total number oftrials (30 000).
In this work, we developed an alternative Monte Carlo method to simulate precise and accurate critical values for ANOVA and F tests and natural logarithm-transformation based polynomial regressions for the interpolation of simulated values and calculation of sample probabilities.
Value of F(2;7)=4.072 for p<0.05 it is higher than the [F.sub.critical] value 0.254 for P< 0.05.( Post ANOVA TUKEY HSD test shows significant differences between E-[C.sub.1] and E-[C.sub.2] groups for P<0.05 and value of 0.332.
Para predizer o valor real CH em genotipos de soja, com confiabilidade de 80%, seriam necessarias 8, 4, 4 e 7 avaliacoes pelos metodos ANOVA, CP(correl), CP(cov) e AE(cov), respectivamente, considerando o maior valor dentro de cada metodo e entre experimentos.
Prochilodus lineatus: The energy content of food in the stomach (ANOv, [F.sub.3,19] = 18.989, p = 0.00001) and intestine of this species (ANOVA, [F.sub.3,19] = 16.927, p = 0.00001) was higher for specimens sampled at Lven in comparison with those from RBai (Tukey, p < 0.001) and RPar (Tukey, p < 0.05).
Anova is leveraging NovaSparks' award-winning NovaTick, a fully integrated ticker plant solution that conflates data for sub microsecond processing latency for the entire trading cycle, even during market peak periods.
The strategic partnership with Anova will further strengthen Tarjama's ability to expand and support its offerings in all markets, especially in the Saudi market.
Nouf Aljeraiwi, executive director of Anova Investments, said: "Tarjama took the translation industry from a traditional business model to a highly advanced technologically driven platform featuring accuracy, speed and flexibility, all key ingredients in today's business environment.
Under the terms of the purchase agreement, the equity owners of Anova Data will receive at closing an aggregate of 3.3m shares of Ribbon common stock in exchange for substantially all of the assets and liabilities of Anova Data.
Ribbon Communications announced that it has agreed to purchase the business and technology assets of Anova Data, a provider of advanced analytics solutions.
Quantitative data were analyzed by single-factor ANOVA using MedCalc v18.6, P > 0.05 is considered as not significant, P < 0.05 is considered as significant, and P < 0.001 is considered as highly significant.
To calculate within-person BV ([CV.sub.I]), we compared standard ANOVA and CV-ANOVA approaches.