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3) Missing 0 0 ANLL Composite group Cases (n = 118) OR (95% Cl) (b) Unexposed 27 1.
Cytogentic analysis revealed abnormalites of either numerical or structural types in 76% of MDS patients and 52% of ANLL patients.
Note: Lymph = lymphoma; ALL = acute lymphocytic leukemia; ANLL = acute non-lymphocytic leukemia; NHL = non-Hodgkin's lymphocytic lymphoma; Hodgkin's = Hodgkin's lymphoma; Ewing's = Ewing's sarcoma.
In that hospital the most frequent types of disorders were, in decreasing order: ANLL (>M1), ALL, CML (all of them showed the Ph chromosome) and MDS.
A recent study of over 200 children with ANLL found that certain drugs, if used by the child's mother during her pregnancy, increases the child's chances of developing ANLL.