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a blue dye obtained from plants or made synthetically

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shrub of West Indies and South America that is a source of indigo dye

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One of the main characteristics of anil derivatives is that the absorption and emission spectra are mainly governed by the structural parameters, the solvent polarity and the hydrogen bonding character of solvent, to name a few.
where [A.sub.i] and [A.sub.t] are the absorption of the anil groups before and after irradiation.
Even in the presence of such changes, the essence of anil photochemistry is that the fluorescence of polymer film due to the ESIPT process was not affected during laser irradiation.
Generally, the fluorescence properties of the anil derivatives are because of a proton transfer from the hydroxyl group to the nitrogen of the methyne bond upon excitation of the examined structures.
Contrary to this observation, the emission response of the anil copolymer upon addition of [Zn.sup.2+] seems to be different.