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a civilian reserve component of the United States Air Force that provides prompt mobilization during war and assistance during national emergencies

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There are 140 units across the US states and territories, allowing ANG members the advantage of being able to serve part time from a unit of their choice.
This article does not argue against all voluntary mobilizations, which represent a valuable way for the ANG to support Air Force requirements and afford members who would otherwise not deploy the opportunity to serve.
The ANG can offer talented professionals with years of aircraft experience.
Portland IAP, ANG, DSN 638-4000, commercial 503-335-4000.
Kenneth Diel, head of gas solutions for Direct Energy Business, stated, "We are extremely excited to work with ANG to offer this CNG fueling option to our clients.
Furthermore, the current ANG C-130 and C-21--"bridge aircraft" for the C-27J beddowns--do not provide sufficient tactical airlift coverage in support of domestic missions across the country.
Alpena CRTC, ANG, OSN 741-3210, commercial 989-354-6210.
Figure 2 indicates an ANG fighter gap beginning in 2010 and becoming more pronounced through 2015-16, when newer legacy aircraft arrive from recapitalized AC units.
But Battin and Denham - whose staff contacted ANG Newspapers as their aides researched a new round of legislation for this year - are zeroing in on particular examples that they said prove their points:
The government is more than glad to begin converting a million vehicles to operate on ANG as soon as possible.
CH2M HILL was selected by the Air National Guard (ANG) as environmental consultants for the project to design and implement a remediation approach to effectively address aquifer plumes at the ANG base.
SAN FRANCISCO -- The San Francisco Medical Society is pleased to announce that the fifth annual "David Perlman Award for Excellence in Medical Journalism" recipient is Suzanne Bohan, former staff reporter for ANG Newspapers and currently Bay Area correspondent for the Sacramento Bee and author of the health book "50 Simple Ways to Live a Longer Life," to be published by Sourcebooks in 2005.
CEO Lev Zaidenberg Will Convey Financial and Environmental Benefits of Energtek's Breakthrough ANG Technology in Emerging Energy Markets
Energtek has recently signed commercial deals in the Philippines and India to develop complete Hi-Tech Natural Gas supply systems for fleets of small vehicles and industrial consumers, utilizing proprietary ANG technology.
The agreement provides hardware and software updates to 94 systems, and adds additional backup weapon simulators to the ANG Depot.