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used of a single unit or thing


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ANES has a growing range of products, services and solutions that will help their customers business in terms of cost reduction and better efficiency.
METHOD A mixed-method design using an online survey was used to collect and analyze demographic data and teaching philosophy statements from 375 ANEs. Coding was done via direct correct analysis.
But despite his friendship with Hybl, fired-up Anes is desperate to reclaim the leading role on a permanent basis.
Former police science lab director Jose Manuel Anes says the samples are so badly contaminated they could never be used in court.
Anes Kazic, aged 10, a pupil at Southfields Primary, in Hillfields, said he enjoyed a question-and-answer game organised by Fusion Contact Centre, of Corporation Street, in the city centre.
Les circonstances de la disparition de l'enfant, Anes Mahfoud, n'ont pas encore ete determinees.
Curt Anes will start the game and Arth will be given the entire second quarter.
Les services de police de la wilaya de Mila sont mobilises et les recherches s'intensifient pour retrouver le petit Anes Berdjem (5 ans), porte disparu depuis plus de 48 heures, a-t-on appris jeudi aupres d'une source policiere.
New head coach Jack Bicknell is delighted with the quality of passer he has been handed in the allocation with Nate Hybl (Cleveland Browns) and Curt Anes (Detroit Lions) expected to dispute the starting role.
The purpose of this paper is to describe an educational project partnership between an academic partner and Adopt-a-Native-Elder Program (ANE).
Life Form: Herbaceous (H), Woody (W); Climbing Mechanism: Apical Twining (AT), Tendrilling (TE), Scandent (SC); Dispersal Syndrome: Anemochory (ANE), Autochory (AUT), Zoochory (ZOO).