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Synonyms for amuse

Synonyms for amuse

to occupy in an agreeable or pleasing way

Synonyms for amuse

occupy in an agreeable, entertaining or pleasant fashion

Related Words

make (somebody) laugh

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tiene antecedentes de causar danos en tuberculos de name en postcosecha (Morse et al., 2000; Amusa et al., 2003; Aboagye et al., 2005), pero no directamente en las hojas.
Sergeant Amusa, a Muslim, works for the colonial police.
Amusa Olayinka was sent off in the final minute for Athletic.
Grays' misery was compounded when defender Amusa Olayinka was sent-off at the death for a foul on Tony Shields.
The members of Parliament under FDD have also filed a notice of motion before Amusa Mwanamwambwa, Speaker of the National Assembly, for the impeachment of President Chiluba, however, this does not seem to be getting anywhere.
Bach was genuinely happy there, but in 1721 the prince married a princess whom Bach described as an "amusa" (opposed to the Muses), and conditions deteriorated.
in Enete and Amusa (2010) rightly noted that the food security threat posed by climate change is greatest for Africa, where agricultural yields and per capita food production have been steadily declining, and population growth to double the demand for food, water and forage in the next 30 years.
[2.] Adebesin AA, Amusa NA and SO Fagade Microbial quality of locally fermented milk (Nono) and fermented milk-cereal mixture (Fura da Nono) drink in Bauchi, a Nigerian city.
It is from this perspective that the reader understands the girls' disdain for Amusa in Soyinka's Death and the King's Horseman whose "weapon" has been metaphorically cut off by the white man.
1ST SCORER JVARDY 9/2 I Slimani 5/1 R Mahrez 11/2 S Okazaki 6/1 C Austin 13/2 AMusa 13/2 L Ulloa 13/2 SLong 13/2 N Redmond 7/1 D Tadic 8/1 DGray 11/1 P-E Hesketh 12/1 Sky Bet TO WIN Leicester 23/20 Southampton 12/5 Draw 23/10 SCORELINE Draw 0-0 17/2 Draw 1-1 9/2 Leicester 1-0 6/1 Leicester 2-0 17/2 Leicester 2-1 8/1 Leicester 3-0 18/1 S'thampton 1-0 8/1 S'thampton 2-0 16/1 S'thampton 2-1 11/1
[4.] Awosika SA, Olajubu FA, Amusa NA.Microbiological assessment of indoor air of a teaching hospital in Nigeria.
oxysporum varies from weak to 57.7 (Percent) growth inhibition (Muhammad and Amusa, 2003; Ahmed Idris et al., 2007; Karkachi et al., 2010).