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a stock exchange in New York

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AMEX argued that GCM 39434 should be given no deference, because it merely stated the Service's litigating position and did not otherwise have precedential value.
On May 16, 2008, the Company received a letter from the AMEX (the "AMEX Resolution Letter") relating that the Company had resolved the continued listing deficiency resulting from the late filing of the Form 10-K.
In general, firms listed on AMEX are more financially secure and have gone through more rigorous disclosure practices than firms listed on Nasdaq.
To maintain its listing, Semotus will be subject to periodic review by AMEX staff during the extension period.
The Company also reported that on October 24, 2006, after market close, the American Stock Exchange ("AMEX") Listing Qualifications staff notified the Company that as a result of its inability to file its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the period ended August 31, 2006, the Company was no longer in compliance with Sections 134 and 1101 of the AMEX Company Guide requiring currency in public reporting of the AMEX listed issuers.
If AMEX accepts the plan, the Company may be able to continue its listing during the plan period of up to eighteen months, during which time the Company will be subject to periodic review to determine whether it is making progress consistent with the plan.
Previously, AMEX notified ImageWare that the company was not in compliance with Rules 1003(a)(ii) and (iii) of the AMEX Company Guide because the company's shareholders' equity was less than $4,000,000 and losses from continuing operations were incurred in three of the last four fiscal years, and that its shareholder's equity was less than $6,000,000 and losses from continuing operations were incurred in ImageWare's last five fiscal years.
Celsion Corporation (AMEX:CLN) has received notice from The American Stock Exchange (AMEX) that the AMEX has determined that the Company is not in compliance with certain conditions of the continued listing standards of Section 1003 of the AMEX Company Guide.
DALLAS -- CabelTel International Corporation (AMEX:GBR) ("the Company"), a Dallas-based company, today reported that it had received a notice from the American Stock Exchange ("AMEX") advising that based on a review of the Company's Form 10-Q for the quarter ended June 30, 2006, AMEX believes the Company does not meet certain of the AMEX's continued listing standards as of this time.