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a vehicle that takes people to and from hospitals

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Amb. El Hillo is being reassigned as Deputy UN Representative in Libya where he will also serve as National Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator.
"We will be looking to utilise our group buying power and expertise to increase competitiveness for all our customers." Bruno Marin, chief executive of AMB, added: "We see this as our first major step in our new growth plans and the two companies together form an ideal platform for continued future growth."
Amb.Celia Anna Feria (Spain) - P10.49 million with $196,022
'Began his career as protocol officer office of the president in 1983, Amb. Abduljalil learnt the ropes of governance literally at the feet of President Muhammadu Buhari, and his distinguished career thus far has been characterized by public interest, simplicity and humility.
Active magnetic bearings (AMBs) present unique advantages over conventional roller or fluid-film bearings when designing high-speed rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, Organic Rankine Cycle systems and flywheel energy storage systems.
To maintain the animal cell culture free from bacterial and fungal contamination, antibiotics (AB) - penicillin and streptomycin (50-100 [micro]g/ml) and fungicides/antimycotic (AM) - amphotericin B (AmB) at a concentration of 0.25-2.5 [micro]g/ml are included in tissue culture medium.
Exponentially growing cells were supplemented with PI, DHE, or DAF-FM DA to a final concentration of 3 [micro]M, 17 [micro]M, and 5 [micro]M, respectively, and subsequently treated either with DMSO or water (controls), a range of AmB dosages (0.625 [micro]M-10 [micro]M, dissolved in DMSO), 200 mM L-NAME (dissolved in water), or a combination of the above, with a final DMSO concentration of 1% (v/v %).
In all of its three different sections Amb Formation is composed of sandstone, limestone and shale.
The fibrin microsphere based dual delivery system was prepared by encapsulating AMB in PLGA microsphere and further entrapped in fibrin beads according to the published protocol.
According to the framework of the agreement, AMB Energia as a local partner will fully develop the projects with support from Yingli throughout all project stages.
Hence in this work POR was introduced as a polyanion which can work in a dual fashion firstly by providing polyanionic group to CS (polycationic) to form stable stoichiometric complex of nanoparticulate system which delivers the optimum concentration of AmB at desired site and secondly by synergizing the antifungal activity of drug due to presence of sulfate group.
AMB and Bank compete directly in the Bryan-College Station, Texas banking market.
Like the Texas Medical Association (TMA), which appears to be working behind the scenes to thwart reform, (2) the Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) has been generally supportive of the AMB. ArMA notes that there have been many improvements since a new executive director, Lisa Wynn, was appointed in 2008.
Atlas Paper Mills has signed a 142,000-square-foot lease at AMB Property's Dolphin Distribution Center, which is located at 3301 NW 107th Street in the Gratigny Central submarket.