amplitude modulation

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Synonyms for amplitude modulation

modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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'It was in a class by Ma'am Panela, a radio production class requiring each group to present a program for an AM station. I got invited by my friends to be the host for their activity.
'The plan, however, was to migrate the AM station to FM station because of modern technology.
That sports programing is also being broadcast from one of the company's AM stations, KAWW-AM, 1370, in Heber Springs, Horne said.
Boricua JE Broadcasting Corp., the company that until last year managed the programming of the 740 AM station formerly known as "Boricua 740," filed for Chapter 7 liquidation at the U.S.
The radio was on an AM station which broadcasts "Coast to Coast." Normally, that program has every whacka-doo with something to say on, whether what they say is cogent or not.
They even laid the groundwork for a school-run Coastal Roots Radio AM station to further educate the community about something that touched the youngsters in a meaningful way.
One way to get on the air is by contacting a local talk show station, usually an AM station, and explore its interest in having a one-hour financial call-in show.
Lorraine Stevenson, 49, was made redundant as programme director at Radio Tay while presenter Ally Bally was put in charge of the Tay AM station's parent company.
Currently it is working on AM station in Gedaref, eastern Sudan.
When Mays and a group of investors bought an AM station three years later, Clear Channel Communications was formed.
The 1359 AM station was originally set up to broadcast all sorts of news and community programmes to the Cardiff area.
Louis," a clear-channel 50 kilowatt AM station. We have no recollection of a station with the call letters "KXOX." Will you admit to a typo, an X instead of an M, or are we out of touch with things?
The AM station will be purchased by Ampersand Broadcasting LLC, a sibling company to the News Press parent, Ampersand Publishing LLC.
"When we upgraded to a 50,000-watt AM station, Waitt was able to fill in the footprint of eastern Nebraska and northeast Kansas," says Pelletier.