amplitude modulation

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Synonyms for amplitude modulation

modulation of the amplitude of the (radio) carrier wave


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Unable to pay his loans, he was forced to sell his AM station in 1998 to Clear Channel Communications, the nation's largest broadcaster.
On January 29, the first AM station filing window opened, and through the end of March a total of 435 applications for modification of FM translators were granted (not counting applications for FM translators transmitting signals of FM stations).
9, is changing its AM station to an all-sports station, and KABZFM, 103.
Sunshine, the Ludlow AM station, is taking a shine to a quick licence renewal.
Although the number of black AM station owners ticked up slightly last year (from 109 up to 111), black radio still suffers from static in the industry.
As per to station owner Gary Gallman, WLNC, which has broadcast as an AM station at the 1300 frequency from its inception in the 1960s, will be rebroadcast on an FM signal by mid-August.
The AM station also carries Springdale junior high football and featured 100 Kansas City Royals games last season.
Capital, which is to rebrand Birmingham's Xtra AM station this summer in favour of its Capital Gold service, to be broadcast mainly from London, said recently that it plans to make more radio acquisitions this year.
Current rules state that an FM translator rebroadcasting an AM station must belocated such that the 60 dBo contour of the FM translator station is contained within the lesser of the 2 millivolts per meter (mV/m) daytime contour of the AM station, or within a 25-mile radius centered at the AM transmitter site.
He also wants togive all AM station licensees the opportunity for permanent synchronous transmitter operation.
The low-power AM station, called the Traveler's Information Station, would reach anyone within five miles of City Hall, primarily providing public information notifications in case of disasters, according to city spokesman Ritch Wells.
According to the commission, only one application can be filed for each AM station, and only one station may be the primary station listed in one -- but not both -- of the windows.
In his fourth year as the analyst on USC basketball's radio coverage, Hefner's understated approach sounds more like an FM man on an AM station.
Himelstein has pinpointed a few FM stations compatible with carrying Northridge basketball, and he also found CSUN will be in a bad situation if it wants its athletic events carried on a far-ranging AM station.
An independent AM station bringing local service to citizens living north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is bringing in the national cavalry to help out, in the form of rep service Tacher Company.