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a radio wave with a wavelength between 100 and 1000 meters (a frequency between 300 kilohertz and 3000 kilohertz)

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In a system using 48 times filtering, images can be moved out of the AM band, and a solution with a 1 MHz or 2 MHz PWM frequency results in a much improved high frequency response.
Anyone who doubts this need only scan through the AM band on a Sunday afternoon.
Most obvious of the multistation holders is Westinghouse/CBS, which now owns two all-news stations, WINS and WCBS, as well as all-sports talker WFAN, all on the am band, as well as WCBS-FM (oldies), WXRK-FM (new rock and Howard Stern's morning yak-fest) and WNEW-FM (album-oriented rock).
In the files of the Department of Indian Affairs, I am Band #377, belonging to Indian Reserve #42, in the Province of Ontario.
If the rise of cable television networks and the growth of independent TV stations during the 1980s paved the way for the tube's talk explosion, the unfilled air time on the AM band has propelled the expansion of talk radio.
Tuner functions include 12 FM, 6 AM and 6 ATP presets, preset scan, manual and seek up/ down tuning, stereo/mono and a local/distant switch, extended AM band, and automatic mono/ stereo control.
Despite airwaves dominated by right-wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey, Jim Hightower's three-hour Saturday and Sunday call-in show is heard on 154 stations, mostly on the AM band.
Noting that in 2012 he called on the FCC to launch an "AM Radio Revitalization Initiative" at the Radio Show, Pai said, "It's no secret that many stations in the AM band are struggling.
Listen to Radio Veritas 846 in the AM band or on www.
In the AM band, in third and fourth places are John Faine, talkback host of 774ABC with 14.
For one, the HD signal creates lots of noise and interference on the AM band for traditional analogue radios (like we have now).
In local radio during 1996, Don Imus debuted on the AM band and caused not a ripple, new rules of ownership shrunk the playing field, and music fans glumly awaited the format flip at album alternative KSCA-FM (101.
Although the idea [of AM Revitalization] sounds good as in the Titanic, there are no sufficient 'lifesavers' for everybody until the FCC decides to migrate to entire AM band to FM," Blanco-Piwrote.
Opponents of regulation note that since the early Fairness Doctrine rulings, the radio spectrum has increased dramatically with the addition of FM frequencies to accompany the AM band.
sporting entity has wised up to the diluted AM band and skipped over to a signal where a freeway overpass or nearby cell phone won't interrupt an 87-yard touchdown run.