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a radio wave with a wavelength between 100 and 1000 meters (a frequency between 300 kilohertz and 3000 kilohertz)

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The application works in 433 MHz AM band. The protocol is full duplex and serial asynchronous.
Radio in those days was limited to a few stations in each market, all on the AM band, and all individually owned.
Speaking of radios, Antrim suggests that while there is increased attention to satellite radio, he thinks that high-definition radio may begin to pick up traction in vehicles--and that music may return to the AM band. As regards DVD entertainment systems, he thinks that as time goes on they'll become more affordable, especially as the prices of the screen (the most expensive component) and the mechanisms fall, which should occur, in part, by the proliferation of the DVD systems and navigation systems (For which the screen is also the most expensive element).
This is fine except that images will appear in the AM band and RF interference is a criticism often aimed at switching amplifiers.
The station is broadcast across Iraq on the AM band.
Licensed since 19 March 2002, the station operates at 1584 kHz on the AM band, broadcasting at a power of 1,000 watts.
Parasound claims AM frequency response out to 4,500 Hz, which is quite wide for the AM band.
Kelvin MacKenzie, chief executive of talkSPORT, at 1089 and 1053 metres on the AM band, said: "There is a significant gap for this station.
Anyone who doubts this need only scan through the AM band on a Sunday afternoon.
Most obvious of the multistation holders is Westinghouse/CBS, which now owns two all-news stations, WINS and WCBS, as well as all-sports talker WFAN, all on the am band, as well as WCBS-FM (oldies), WXRK-FM (new rock and Howard Stern's morning yak-fest) and WNEW-FM (album-oriented rock).
In the files of the Department of Indian Affairs, I am Band #377, belonging to Indian Reserve #42, in the Province of Ontario.
If the rise of cable television networks and the growth of independent TV stations during the 1980s paved the way for the tube's talk explosion, the unfilled air time on the AM band has propelled the expansion of talk radio.
Tuner functions include 12 FM, 6 AM and 6 ATP presets, preset scan, manual and seek up/ down tuning, stereo/mono and a local/distant switch, extended AM band, and automatic mono/ stereo control.
Despite airwaves dominated by right-wing ideologues like Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey, Jim Hightower's three-hour Saturday and Sunday call-in show is heard on 154 stations, mostly on the AM band. His weekly two-minute commentaries are heard on 75 stations.
use only their associated FM translator, this experiment will provide important information toother broadcasters in small markets whether it makes a difference to our listeners and sponsorsor how much it would affect our station financials if we were to someday migrate to FM and no longer provide service on the AM band," Casa PiEon argues.