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angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

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ALTE is ingrained in clinical practice, and it may take time for a uniform acceptance of the change in terminology and criteria.
The most common causes of ALTE (in descending order) are gastroesophageal reflux, seizure disorder, and lower respiratory tract infection.
Assessment of the infant experiencing an ALTE incorporates observation of the signs of an ALTE as well as possible contributing events (see Table 2).
The most common discharge diagnoses reported for ALTEs are gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), unknown causes, seizures, and lower respiratory tract infections (11).
It was predictive of both a pathological diagnosis other than GERD and a recurrent ALTE in children with a final GERD diagnosis.
6%), compared with anemia in 12 patients with a single ALTE (16.
Regional 2016 project: conversion of the city museum to the "forum altes rathaus borken" trade: project room and art and graphic cabinet: furniture and showcase construction: - production, delivery and installation: furnishing project space (2nd floor): - 2 x meeting gathering table, - 1x fixed seat, - 3 x shelves.
Generally speaking, Korthals Altes seeks to reconceptualize narratology as a metahermeneutic endeavor that she places on the overlap between hermeneutics (the domain of reasoning about value-laden interpretive pathways) and cognitive approaches (based on the idea that recipients use memorized mental models to make meaning).
A band can set up while the other plays, Altes explained.
The Marienplatz was packed, the Costa Ricans, all wearing red jerseys, drinking beer in one corner, a group of Italian girls camped out near the Altes Rathaus, Poles and Czechs and Mexicans and Americans scattered through the square, Germans, of course, everywhere.
of Groningen, the Netherlands) and Korthals Altes (comparative and modern French literature, U.
In conjunction with a group of local private developers, the city drew up a brief for a mixed-use civic and commercial complex in Innsbruck's historic heart, focused around a new town hall, with the Altes Rathaus (the original town hall) retained and refurbished.
Human security is imperilled not by blind fate or natural disaster but through man's irresponsibility,' former Dutch ambassador Edy Korthals Altes said.
Mies in Berlin" closes September II and travels to the Altes Museum, Berlin, in October.
Carol Altes has joined Ex-Cell as merchandise manager of the table linen division.