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angular distance above the horizon (especially of a celestial object)

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When it came to the most important reason that broker respondents gave for trying out a new wholesaler, a "very competitive interest rate" ranked number one for prime, Alt A and subprime lenders.
Alt.religion.scientoiogy is not like, say, a bookstore or some similar physical "place" that can be located, boarded up, and its operators hauled into court; like the Internet itself, it has no owner, no operator, no central computer on which it "lives." Usenet groups like alt.religion.scientology come into existence when someone (like Scott Goehring) sends a proposal to establish the group to the specific newsgroup (named "alt.config") set up for receiving such proposals.
After the ALT 255 invisible character has been included in a file name--say, "PAYROLL <ALT 255>.RPT"--the file will look like others but will be inaccessible to unauthorized users.
But now a new, lesser-known "alt" group has entered the political lexicon: the&nbsp;alt-left.&nbsp;
Alt Spec has retained top-ranked firm Tolleson Design to create the first edition of its eponymous architectural industry sourcebook.