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Synonyms for injury

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Synonyms for injury

the action or result of inflicting loss or pain

an act that is not just

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Synonyms for injury

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Thoughts and prayers with Wendy and the family - RIP Ali.
Al Eker Club: Khamis Ali Abdul Rasool, Mansour Habib Ali. Galali Club: Juma Mubarak Shareeda, Jamal Sd Salem.
"Seldom has a public figure of such superficial depth been more wrongly perceived," Kram writes of Ali.
But Smith's main responsibility is in front of the camera, to shed his rap-lite, funnyman image and capture the essence of Ali. "The pressure is on Will," Mann says, "because he has to convince you right out of the locker room, bam, first impression."
`Nearly every family was affected,' says Osman Jama Ali. `The chaos was total.' One third of the present cabinet have second passports from the countries where they sought asylum.
Its founder was a "flamboyant prophet" born Timothy Drew in 1886, who went by the name Noble Drew Ali. From the beginning, Ali proclaimed that his predominantly Negro followers were actually Asiatic people whose ancestors founded the Moroccan Empire.
Chin Wu, President of ALi. "We are offering our notebook customers unparalleled products by bringing the strength of Trident's 3D graphics engine together with our unsurpassed DDR power-saving capabilities."
There have been more beloved and famous American athletes - even black heavyweight champions - than Muhammad Ali. But no American athlete has ever rivalled him as a controversial and heroic figure and none compelled as much attention for what he or she did outside of sport.
By dispossessing the old Mamluk ruling class, changing the system of tax farming (iltizam), eliminating tax exemption from waqf lands, which covered one-fifth of the arable land, better management of state lands, and by introducing a more effective system of tax collection, his government acquired considerable financial autonomy.(26) Along with the maintenance of security and order at home, military aggrandizement became the central purpose of Muhammad Ali. Allied with the rich import-export merchants and richer ulama, Muhammad Ali unleashed a series of military campaigns against his neighbors.
He was the younger of Amanat Ali. The duo enjoyed immense prestige and success in Pakistan as well as India, until the sudden and unexpected death of Amanat Ali Khan in 1974 .
ISLAMABAD: Imad Wasim (C), Shan Masood, Umar Gul, Rohail Nazir, Iftikhar Ahmed, Asif Ali, Junaid Khan, Abid Ali, Sohail Khan, Nauman Ali Faizan Riaz, Ali Sarfraz, Sarmad Bhatti, Ibtisam Sheikh, Arsal Sheikh (E), Shehzad Azam, Rana Ahmed and Bashir Rizwan Ali.
There was a long list of popular singers from this family who included Baday Khan Saheb, Ustad Miraan Bakhsh Khan, Ustad Piyaro Ali Khan, Ustad Umeed Ali Khan, Ustad Ghulam Rasool Khan, Ustad Manzoor Ali Khan, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Hameed Ali Khan, Ustad Waheed Ali Khan, Ustad Rajab Ali Khan and Roshan Abbas Khan, Iqrar Waheed Ali and Master Lateef Waheed Ali. Iqrar Waheed Ali regretted that the government, specially Culture Department of Sindh, appeared least interested to promote singers and musicians in the province.
LAHORE -- A large gathering of visual artists, art lovers, educationists, students of various art institutions gathered at Shakir Ali Museum on Tuesday to celebrate 101st birth anniversary of legendary artist Shakir Ali.
Marjorie Hussain, an eminent art analyst, critic and curator, then spoke on the larger than life, Habib Fida Ali. Irshad Abdul Kadir, an author, an esteemed lecturer of Law and English and a civil rights activist, who shared an unbreakable bond with Habib Fida Ali,also spoke highly and fondly of him, sharing his memories of their friendship and camaraderie.
Muhammad Ali. The 72-page book features Superman teaming up with the Heavyweight boxing champion to defeat an alien invasion of Earth.