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Synonyms for algorithm

a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problem

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"Algo Bahrain is a strategic initiative to position Islamic banks for the forthcoming paradigm shift in the banking industry as a consequence of financial technology innovations," said ABG president and chief executive Adnan Ahmed Yousif.
The acquisition also brings Algo's team of award-winning information Natural Language Processing and information retrieval experts in-house to oversee development of new products.
(Sachin) Gupta is not deterred by the fact that regulators all over the world are keeping a wary eye on algo trading as computer algorithms are used for high-frequency trading (HFT) - a controversial practice to trade in and out of assets at incredible speed.
Algo takes different shapes and adapts to the environ- ment he wants to destroy -- and always under the guise of help and practicality.
La cosa en sentido propio--que puede ser objeto de ensenanza por medio de un signo--no puede ella misma a su vez operar como un signo, mientras que por su parte el signo ha de ser una cosa, pues de lo contrario no seria nada, pero es una cosa que opera como un signo--pues es el medio por el cual algo se ensena-.
Clone Algo is one such technology that manages your accounts on its own.