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Synonyms for a.k.a.

as known or named at another time or place

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In this paper, we consider the most representative authentication mechanism, AKA, in cellular networks and propose an enhanced AKA scheme based on Physical Layer Authentication (AKA-PLA) by integrating AKA and CR-based PLA.
It was in the aftermath of the military operation that El AKA launched Agro Arte.
And at AKA United Nations, Prodigy Network is marketing units also starting at $1.
However, as far as hardware goes, LG's AKA features 1.
Flanked by former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and surrounded by her AKA Sorors and sponsors, the Liberian leader, making remarks at an impressive and well-attended program, said she was happy that the AKA could organize the event that would bring the people together in an effort to dignify market women.
AKA is, at heart, a family company, and we want our guests to feel at home while away from home.
So we have to come up with something else which the AKA platform is providing - like debates and dialogue, getting people together so they can actually find solutions other than the military option, which has been rejected by all and which obviously is not a solution.
Antikardiyolipin IgG ve IgM'in sirasi ile >10 GPL ve MPL unitesi degerlerinin uzerinde olmasi, ozellikle AKA IgG'de, tromboz icin bir risk etmeni olarak kabul edilmistir (9).
Some people who have trouble going to sleep at night, you want them to be in a room that has no street light outside, that's not noisy, but very dark at night, with blackout draperies," Sharon Telesca Feurer, the vice president of marketing for AKA, said.
Taggart followed up his AKA victory with a win on the Evolution full contact show in Ipswich and two medals - one gold and a silver - at the WUMA Samurai competition in Worcester.
There's more where that came from, and it's all here in AKA, the ambitious but messy debut feature by writer-director Duncan Roy.
By chance, Gladys Smith, an AKA member, mentioned to another member, Marva Lee, that her husband was on the board of Chicago Community Trust, which currently manages about $1.
The Swedish private equity company Atle AB, part of the international investment group 3i, has signed a letter of intent regarding the sale of the refrigeration group AKA Tempcold AB to the German company Frigotechnik Handels GmbH.
We began as early as 1998 moving to more of a focused group-style setting that integrates team members from different disciplines, and completed the transformation with this renovation project," says Stephen Whitney, president and CEO at AKA.
long stay brand, at its AKA Sutton Place property located at 330 East 56th Street in New York City's Sutton Place neighborhood.