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Frank Genovese served as the second editor and had the foresight to bring the AJES to Babson College which is also committed to a multidisciplinary approach in teaching.
AJES is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Al-Jaber Group established in 1994 as an Engineering, Procurement and Construction contractor to orchestrate and execute landmark projects throughout the Arabian Gulf and beyond.
By far, the most prolific economic writers on the subject of tipping are Bodvarsson and Gibson [JSE, 1994; AJES, 1997; SSJ, 1999; SSJ, 2002].
The compact and inexpensive format of the book will make its contents available to a wider public who might not normally subscribe to, or read, the AJES.
An earlier study found "husband's income," "wife's education," "family structure," and "family location" have all exerted perceptible influences on the fertility decisions in Taiwan [Yen, Yen, Liu, AJES, 1989].