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slightly open

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Ajar Online is a cloud service designed for the real estate market, offering quick and secureonline rent collection and a free property management platform.
Ajar Online has offices in Kuwait besides representatives in key markets of Dubai (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.
It said, "During inspection it was found that one of the hinges of the cage was loose and that the door of the cage was slightly ajar.
Few suspected, anduntil his suicide six years laterfewer still knew for sure that the true author of these and other Ajar novels was the Lithuanian-born Free French aviator, onetime French consul general in Los Angeles, and award-winning novelist Romain Gary.
Low chest of drawers, measuring 364x65x45 cm ajar Corps, doors and shelves as part of an open chest of drawers MDF, lacquered quality white finish.
He told police he had taken a cocktail of drugs and had been walking down the street when he noticed the car door was slightly ajar.
meeting of the presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan, an expert of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, Ajar Kurtov, told Arminfo
The property in Gordon Street, Leamington, had been ransacked and the front door was slightly ajar.
But he did leave the door ajar for an FA of Wales approach, saying: "Who knows in the future?
The neighbour looking after Archie left a door ajar while cooking him his favourite treat - boiled eggs.
Acting Chief Inspector Colin Lowther of Gateshead Areas Command said: "In hot weather it's tempting to leave windows open or doors ajar and this is understandable, however, it's vital people take steps to keep their home secure.
After pulling his car into the driveway, the homeowner observed that his garage door was ajar, according to Sgt.
KARACHI -- Senator A Haseeb Khan, President Brookes Pharma and Saleem Kan, founder of Ajar Foundation, have presented two vehicles (capacity to carry 450 litters blood) of Mobile Blood Bank Service to Indus Hospital and Fatimid Foundation at a simple but impressive ceremony.
Lavte has told the police that she saw a man in a white shirt emerge from the house around 9 am and that the main door was ajar.
For years, I've noticed this small motif of the door ajar and have thought of it as a key image in the mysterious working out of my psyche.