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Nick Rashby, President of AJA Video Systems, added, "Bexel is a powerhouse resource for filmmakers and television producers, and this investment is further validation of the value and reliability of our Ki Pro family of recorders.
The Monarch HDX, like the AJA HELO, can only be configured with a web browser and not with a built-in menu display and option controls.
A handful of AJA employees, who would remain anonymous, told this writer over the years how many were complaining at AJA about what they called "new Islamist trends" in the aftermath of Khanfar's appointment.
AJA will be available in less than half of American homes at its launch.
In the era of global economic uncertainties where giant conglomerates have suffered meltdowns of unprecedented scale, 'Sustainability' assurance has suddenly become a top priority for key market players,' remarked Mobin Sheikh, AJA Academy's lead tutor, who conducted the program.
An example: UAE to London or even beyond," a press release from AJA said.
And if you can offer a better product, which is what AJA is now able to do with the Airbus A318 Elite, you give your business model the best chance of success.
In addition, through OCA, ACA and AJA have agreed to develop high-quality, cost-effective courses to meet the specific needs of those who work in jails and detention facilities.
Hasia Diner's essay "The Postwar Pursuit of American Jewish History and the Memory of the Holocaust" notes the great influence of the Holocaust in stimulating the historical consciousness of America's Jews and in the founding of the AJA.
According to the agreement, AJA will be signed up for a minimum of 10 years, with the office space having been delivered to the VIP aviation company in three phases.
17 accused the AJA of acting on Iranian orders in staging a witch-hunt against secular politicians on charges that they were once Ba'thists.
The AJA offered to let some barred candidates sign a declaration denouncing the Ba'th as a step towards being allowed to take part.
Judge Olds is the first judge from Virginia to hold the position since the founding of the AJA in 1959.
AJA is using the InterTrust offering to sell individual articles in Adobe PDF with secure e-commerce capability, customer support, and digital rights management technology.
AJA Video Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional video interface and conversion solutions, announced today that Autodesk has qualified the KONA 3 as the only digital video I/O card approved to work with Autodesk Smoke editorial finishing software running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard.