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the act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc

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When filling out the AIH form, health facilities are often induced to enter a primary and/or secondary diagnosis code that matches the code of the procedure that was performed in order to avoid nonpayment (46).
Recruited patients for this study had been clinically diagnosed with AIH at the outpatient clinic of the Digestive Disease Research Center (DDRC).
AIH due to viral pathogenesis have been debated and several proposed theories have emerged.
8 Without treatment, approximately 50% of patients with severe AIH will die in about 5 years, and the majority of patients will die within 10 years.
The more important question nowadays concerns the treatment requirements of AIH patients with cirrhosis who do not have indications for immunosuppressive treatment.
Although AIH affirms the role of income distribution for economic growth, yet somewhat contradictory policy implications are drawn from it.
Antes disso, varias formulacoes desse sistema existiram com nomes distintos, como o Sistema Nacional de Controle e Pagamentos de Contas Hospitalares (SNCPCH), que tinha como instrumento para entrada dos dados a Guia de Internacao Hospitalar e, posteriormente, na decada de 1980, o Sistema de Assistencia Medico-Hospitalar da Previdencia Social, tendo a AIH como instrumento pagador das internacoes hospitalares (Pepe, 2009).
1-5] In most of these cases, AIH did not occur at the same time as acute hepatitis, with AIH often occurring several months after the onset of acute HA.
With our strong global partners AIH, LIH and Rocket Internet, as well as our regional partners, including Etisalat Group and their operating companies across the region, we believe, we can redefine the online business in the Middle East and set the path for a successful and profitable future," Tabaza added.
This AIH predisposition picture is enriched by other risk factors as gender (AIH has been related to a female predominance) (Czaja 2011), dose and drug interactions.
Digital Commerce & Services: Following the investment into LIH and AIH with Rocket, Millicom will capture emerging digital opportunities in both Africa and Latin America through a newly-established unit.
Among the participants were John Dos Passos, Langston Hughes and Kenneth Burke whose paper, "Revolutionary Symbolism in America," would provide the rationale for Bulosan's united-front outlook evinced at the end of AIH and in his poems and public pronouncements.
AIH has vested interest in creating solutions that are in line with the age of information and technology and is dedicated to the purpose of streamlining complex functions of communications, data recording and electronic computing, for businesses to increase profitability, reliability, and efficiency," said an AIH spokesperson.
Sendo assim, pode-se dizer que o SIH-SUS, por meio dos dados obtidos pela AIH corretamente preenchida, possibilita o conhecimento da morbimortalidade hospitalar de determinada localidade, subsidiando os gestores no planejamento e controle das acoes de saude, inclusive para a vigilancia em saude (BRASIL, 2007).