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Synonyms for HIV

infection by the human immunodeficiency virus

the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

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But I found his book slow going, full of details that will not change the minds of those who want to believe he is guilty of stealing the AIDS virus or who dislike his fast-talking, aggressive ways.
The AIDS virus naturally targets select immune cells, primarily ones called T cells.
And, should the government approve such a trial, it is almost certain that some of the volunteers will become ill with the AIDS virus, suffer and die.
For most of Good Intentions, Nussbaum assiduously avoids the wily nature of the AIDS virus and the obstacles that drugs combating the microbe must overcome.
He said he expects the figures to level off at some point because the AIDS virus eventually develops resistance to newer drugs.
The AIDS virus is transmitted through direct contact with infected blood (as when addicts share dirty needles or hospital patients get a tainted transfusion), or with semen or vaginal secretions during sexual intercourse.
He recently coauthored a review of the links between heart disease and the AIDS virus.
In another example of how the AIDS virus exploits its opponents, scientists have found that HIV uses immune system proteins to hitch rides on the antibody factories known as B cells.
No one knows whether Lisa O'Connor's baby will be born with the AIDS virus.
Jay Levy, Chairman of amfAR's Basic Research Committee and Scientific Advisory Committee, and Director, Laboratory for Tumor and AIDS Virus Research, at the University of California, San Francisco.
The particles turned out to be retroviruses, a viral family that includes the AIDS virus.
Powerful new drugs are succeeding in removing the AIDS virus from the heart of the human immune system - the lymph tissues where disease-fighting immune cells are stored, researchers reported Wednesday.
HAART often drops the level of the AIDS virus in the blood to low or undetectable levels; however, the therapeutic benefits may be transitory and are often associated with potentially fatal drug toxicities.
It's yet another illustration of the remarkable ability of the AIDS virus to exploit the immune system that seeks to destroy it.
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