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a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

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The harrowing drama, based on a novel by Irish writer Colm Toibin, is about an Aids victim who goes to his grandmother's house on the Wexford coast to die.
He had vowed to fight on even after Tracey's death, to save it for other AIDS victims.
Indeed, a study presented by Nemeroff at the 1990 annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association, held in Los Angeles, uncovered a strong aversion to even indirect contact with AIDS victims among 399 college students with substantial factual knowledge about the transmission of the AIDS virus.
Last week, Bruni insisted on being photographed with Aids victims in the west African state of Burkina Faso.
placed the Sigma Chi fraternity on probation until January 2008 and suspended a student for posting a party invitation that invoked stereotypes about African-Americans, AIDS victims, and Baltimore residents.
Secretary/treasurer Bonnie Corwin, founder and CEO Trish Steele and counselor Maria Suarez, from left, operate Safe Passage, an organization that aids victims of domestic violence.
The text balances the wide variance in public acclaim and climaxes with the world's embrace of Diana as a martyred benefactor of AIDS victims and of maimed and homeless children.
Representing the collective research of twenty-five of the Florida/Caribbean AIDS Education and Training Center's faculty and the contributions of thirty-seven guest authors, HIV/AIDS Primary Care Guide provides readers with a up-to-date understanding of the recommended treatment and procedures of involved treating and accommodating AIDS victims.
This is an immense resource in giving care to AIDS victims and in bringing about harm reduction.
The evening will raise funds for the very worthwhile organization, which provides housing and support to AIDS victims.
A Japanese nongovernmental organization making rose gardens in Africa to employ local AIDS victims, will seek cooperation from the United Nations for its operations, the head of the NGO said Saturday.
France went so far as to accuse the United States of blackmailing developing countries into giving up their right to produce cheap drugs for AIDS victims.
Prince Harry met Aids victims and TB sufferers as part of his gap year experience in Lesotho, Clarence House said today.
With his family's backing, he felt that he must go public about his own status in order to fight the stigma and discrimination suffered by Aids victims.
From 24 November until 6 December, anyone who has anything but food to donate for AIDS victims and AIDS orphans, can drop off the items in specially marked boxes at any Pep store in the country.
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