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a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

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Princess Diana was renowned for her work with AIDS victims. Years ago, she opened the first purpose built HIV/AIDS unit at London Middlesex Hospital in the United Kingdom.
In a scientifically sophisticated society, the beliefs underlying an aversion to an enemy's sweater or to an AIDS victim's silverware catch most people by surprise.
In 2002, three-quarters of new 3,152 heterosexual AIDS victims in Britain contracted the disease in Africa.
The harrowing drama, based on a novel by Irish writer Colm Toibin, is about an Aids victim who goes to his grandmother's house on the Wexford coast to die.
Keith said he primed himself for his role as Aids victim Declan by visiting Aids patients at Dublin's Cherry Orchard Clinic.
AN Aids victim who won pounds 2.5million from McDonald's was back in court yesterday.
A DYING African Aids victim has been given hope of new life after meeting Gordon Brown.
GORDON Brown made a pledge of brotherhood yesterday with an African Aids victim just weeks away from death.
And he revealed that a new movie role as a straight AIDS victim in Who Can I Turn Too?
Eastenders star Barbara Windsor sobbed her heart out after playing the harrowing scenes in which she poured scorn on AIDS victim Mark Fowler.
Dr Finlay heart-throb David Rintoul is to play a dying AIDS victim.
The dad of an AIDS victim has lost his fight to keep a special hospital ward open to treat other sufferers.
AIDS victim Ann was overjoyed when she met Sean on his visit to an Edinburgh hospice in 1991.
He was publicly criticised by Aids victim Nkosi Johnson, 12, for refusing to allow a drug which stops HIV mums-to-be passing it on to their unborn babies.
The 28-year-old Aids victim became pregnant in September while on the run from prison.
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