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a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

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AIDS experts from Shenzhen and Macau also attended the ceremony, namely the Deputy Director of the Shenzhen Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr Ma Hanwu, and the Secretary General of the AIDS Prevention and Control Commission of Macau, Dr Lam Chong.
The Center for AIDS Prevention has mobilized a nationwide fundraising campaign, but members of the tight-knit AIDS community in California have never heard of the group.
And not just any condoms, but condoms that have been distributed free throughout India for population control and AIDS prevention.
There are at least eleven million nonmarried adolescents in thirteen targeted nations in Africa who are already sexually active, according to Advocates for Youth, a Washington-based nonprofit that works on AIDS prevention in the U.
Kerry wants to increase funding and strengthen access to AIDS prevention and treatment.
Beyond the male condom: the evolution of gender-specific HIV interventions for women, Annual Review of Sex Research, 2004 (forthcoming); Heise L and Elias C, Transforming AIDS prevention to meet women's needs: a focus on developing countries, Social Science & Medicine, 1994, 40(7):931-943; Stein Z, HIV prevention: the need for methods women can use, editorial, American Journal of Public Health, 1990, 80(4):460-462; and Stein Z, HIV prevention: an update on the status of methods women can use, editorial, American Journal of Public Health, 1993, 83(10): 1379-1382.
Inaugurated in 2000, the Debswana policy requires that all sub-contractors implement an Aids prevention program before doing business with the company.
The total worldwide spending for AIDS prevention, treatment, and care was $4.
Education International (EI), the world's largest confederation of teacher trade unions, joined the fight against the virus in 1995 and has printed an AIDS prevention leaflet in continuation of its activism.
The health ministry, an AIDS prevention foundation and a nongovernmental organization (NGO) jointly opened an education center in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward on Friday to promote HIV prevention as recent data shows the virus is spreading particularly among homosexuals in Japan.
The grant enables GAIA to launch the Malawi Women's Empowerment Project to train a network of women in rural Malawi villages in AIDS prevention and care.
However, foundations are still more willing to fund randomized experiments in medicine than in education, The Gates Foundation, for instance, funded by the multibillionaire founder of Microsoft, has admirably committed $50 million for a carefully designed randomized study of an AIDS prevention initiative in Africa.
Brazil has won worldwide acclaim for AIDS prevention policies that include free medication for those infected with HIV and broad public information campaigns that promote the use of condoms.
The group then shifted its focus to AIDS prevention and control.
Players participating in a national high school soccer tournament to begin Saturday will be wearing ''Stop AIDS'' ribbon stickers on their shoulders to promote AIDS prevention among teenagers, the Health and Welfare Ministry and the Japanese Foundation for AIDS Prevention said Tuesday.
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