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a serious (often fatal) disease of the immune system transmitted through blood products especially by sexual contact or contaminated needles

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"Antiretroviral Drugs." AIDS Info. Education and Resource Center.
Marks Collection of 2,000-plus videos, which is housed at the New York Public Library, eight thematic programs were conceived, including "First Person Singular," "Drugs Into Bodies," "Collective Action," and the saucy "Reclaiming Desire--How to Have Sex in an Epidemic." Artists include Tom Kalin ("They Are Lost to Vision Altogether"), David Wojnarowicz ("Fear of Disclosure"), Ellen Spiro ("Diana's Hair Ego: AIDS Info Up Front"), and Robert Hilferty (whose 1990 "Stop the Church" features the infamous 1989 die-in at St.
While they penny-pinched on a slaughter policy and played down the dangers on the former, they poured pounds 1.5 BILLION into Aids info and warnings.
Huber (1992c) lists over a dozen bulletin boards or messaging systems, including AIDS Info BBS, Computerized AIDS Information Network (CAIN), FOG CITY Bulletin Board System, and AIDS Teleforum.
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