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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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8) In a recent article, Baum has argued that the normative basis for "social choice" and "bottom-up" approaches to AI ethics must overcome strong obstacles that have been insufficiently explored by the Al safety community [43].
nonprofit that's also involved in the initiative - said that in addition to researching the development of AI from a humanities and social sciences point of view, the fund will also support AI ethics and governance projects, both in the U.
Francesca Rossi, AI Ethics Researcher, IBM Research.
Kambhampati is also investigating the possibility of a joint conference with ACM on AI ethics and will be following up on this with the Ethics Committee.
We expect to launch discussion forums for special topics such as the history of AI, AI education, and AI ethics and will encourage written debates (point, counterpoint) on important issues pertaining to AI and society.