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the branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively

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Drew Bagnell gave an invited AI Robotics Early Career Spotlight keynote talk.
In addition to the AI Robotics Early Career Spotlight Talk and Robotics in Texas program, a few highlights of the Robotics Festival will include the following:
October 1 (AI Robotics Fellowship Applications Due)
We look forward both to the curricular opportunities these changes will foster and to the ideas and energy a wide cohort of students will bring to AI Robotics in the future.
For several years now, the education track of the AAAI Robotics Program has highlighted student- and educator-led robotic projects that integrate AI research and AI education, especially undergraduate education; broaden participation in AI and AAAI; and showcase exemplary hardware, curricular, and software resources for teaching AI and AI robotics. Participation in the 2010 education track more than doubled from 2009: a total of nine exhibitions from 13 schools participated in Atlanta.
This year, educational AI robotics teams were also given the opportunity to showcase their robots in the exhibition.
Coping with this uncertainty has long been a motivation driving the field of AI Robotics. Not every simulator models sensing and actuation as noisy processes: Stage, designed for low-fidelity simulation of many agents, does not; Gazebo does.
I will begin by presenting the layered framework, followed by an example AI robotics curriculum that emphasizes the similarities and encourages a cohesive big-picture understanding of the field.