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Synonyms for fever

Synonyms for fever

a rise in the temperature of the body

intense nervous anticipation

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rufipes, collected from a common redstart (Phoenicurus phoenicurus) in Turkey tested positive for AHFV RNA (Table) when using a set of primers and probe that amplifies part of the KFDV/AHFV premembrane region (Kyasanur_poly_F, 5'-ACACGATGCACACACCTGC-3'; Kyasanur_poly_R, 5'-CACCAATGAAACTCTAGTCGTC-3'; Kyasanurpoly_P, 5'-AGAACCGGGACTTTGTCTCAGGGAC-3').
Although we could not differentiate between KFDV and AHFV on the basis of the short sequences analyzed, we suggest these sequences represent AHFV because this supposition is geographically and ecologically more plausible.
Forty reactive serum samples were identified, for a combined seroprevalence of 3.9 cases/100 soldiers tested: RVF (n = 20), AHFV (n = 13), CCHV (n = 6), and DENV (n = 1) (Table).
Analysis of the province of origin provided AHFV epidemiologic information (Figure).
savignyi tick) is a vector and reservoir of AHFV in Saudi Arabia.
Previous analysis of KFDV and AHFV suggested slow evolution with divergence [approximately equal to]33 years ago (10).
The tick JE7, which was collected southeast of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was positive for AHFV, and sequence analysis showed 99.7% homology at the nucleotide level with AHFV strain 1176 (GenBank accession no.
Alkhurma hemorrhagic fever virus (AHFV) was first isolated in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the 1990s from the blood of a butcher admitted to the hospital with a severe infectious syndrome.