antihemophilic factor

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a coagulation factor (trade name Hemofil) whose absence is associated with hemophilia A

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In September, AHF sued the FDA over its denial of AHF's Freedom in Information Act request seeking correspondence between the FDA and Gilead regarding its potential application for use of Truvada as a form of 'Pre-exposure Prophylaxis' (PrEP) for use as an HIV prevention pill in uninfected individuals
FLORIDA EVENTS -- Representatives from AHF's Positive Healthcare, Florida will participate in the following events: CONTACT: Gene Bundrock, Statewide Director, AHF Positive Healthcare Florida, office (954) 522-3132 November 30th Leon County Florida A&M University 6:00 p.
For more information on Swazi World AIDS Day celebrations, contact Penninah Lutung, head of the AHF African Bureau: penninah.
A front-line provider like AHF faces ongoing financial challenges to pursue its mission.
Jessie Gruttadauria , Director, AHF Public Health Division
CONTACT: Florida, Joey Wynn, AHF Community Relations Manager, mobile, +1-305-793-0680, or Los Angeles, Ged Kenslea, AHF Communications Director, +1-323-860-5225, or mobile, +1-323-791-5526, both of AIDS Healthcare Foundation
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), the nation's largest HIV/AIDS organization, is pleased to announce that effective Monday, June 11th, it's respected Jacksonville (FL) AHF Magic Johnson Healthcare Center will move from its current location on Park Street in Jacksonville's Riverside District to a new state-of-the-art facility on the campus of St.
Luna, President of MOMS Pharmacy, said, "As a recognized leader in nonprofit healthcare for 25 years, AHF is the ideal partner for MOMS Pharmacy as we move into a new chapter of growth and unlock even greater clinical outcomes for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.
This past year, AHF has stepped up its campaign targeting Gilead on its drug pricing policies, staging numerous protests to raise awareness that high drug prices, such as Gilead's, are a key reason for the existence of state AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting lists.
Led by partner Stephen Phillips, Hooper, Lundy & Bookman provided legal advice to AHF.
We are pleased to be opening this latest AHF Men's Wellness Center in the Oakland area-offering free and low-cost services to the community," said Dale Gluth, Associate Regional Director, Bay Area, AIDS Healthcare Foundation.
In addition, AHF runs a Medicaid disease management program serving approximately 10,000 Floridians living with HIV/AIDS.
AHF had been using "INSTI" in Africa, India, and Mexico for about four years before introducing it to the U.
However, since DHSP told the Auditor Controller that AHF had no allocation plan, the Auditor Controller merely interpreted the AHF-Los Angeles County contract as they chose and applied an allocation plan they created.