angiotensin I

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a physiologically inactive form of angiotensin that is the precursor to angiotensin II

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We view the signing of the Services Agreement as the start of a long-term strategic alliance with AGT that benefits both parties, the District of North Vancouver, the Port of Vancouver, British Columbia and the agricultural industry in Western Canada.
The AGT in UP can load 30 passengers in each of the two coaches and crash load of 50 passengers per coach.
Van Ness Wu, an AGT judge and a former member of the boy band F4, is a self-proclaimed fan of JNS.
AGT operates through its offices and processing facilities located in agricultural growing regions in Canada, the US, Turkey, China, Australia and South Africa, merchandising and sales offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and India and origination offices in Russia,
He consoled all the performers by saying that every loser is a winner for appearing on the AGT stage.
Eng Mohamed Rashed Al Rashed, General Manager, AGT, said: "The company has witnessed a great awareness among masses about the innovative energy solutions.
We are very pleased to partner with AGT and offer Energy Saving solutions.
Therefore, it felt right to get involved with something that is the core of our business, and to try and raise consciousness in what AGT does and how we're all responsible for our C02 emissions, no matter what adventure we undertake.
AGT then sources Carbon Credits through its trading platform to retire on behalf of the team the number of Carbon Credits to achieve full carbon neutrality for the year.
With offices in Dubai and further offices in Zurich, Doha, Johannesburg & Abu Dhabi AGT currently employs over 200 employees.
AGT had told the Racing Post in December it had a plan to deal with the shortfall that would not involve fees going up, but that has fallen through.
The tie-up between the Lotus Formula One team and Dubai-based carbon credit brokerage AGT illustrates how more and more firms want to cut harmful emissions
AGT will be working closely with the team to analyse where greater efficiencies can be made at its Oxfordshire base in the UK.
AGT Electric Cars debuted its new Marrow Waste Management Vehicle at the annual Electric Mobility Canada Conference in Toronto last year and received a response even its representatives weren't anticipating.
AGT is a high-performance, non-toxic, photoluminescent aggregate specially formulated and manufactured for the decorative concrete, cement, terrazzo, stucco and floor epoxy trades.