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(Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India

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Remedy Informatics has demonstrated the ability to submit data for all CIBMTR forms currently supported by the AGNIS system, and is now authorized by the CIBMTR for this activity in AGNIS," said Rizzo.
Putting an ear to the street earned AGNIS over a 1,000 percent increase in calls and made an old project "exciting" again.
Users get the benefit of submitting forms electronically, with a built-in ontology that works with AGNIS, plus all of the Mosaic[TM] Meta-Registry data infrastructure and tools for collecting and normalizing data, mining that data, and even managing studies and experiments.
Now being trialled at a leading UK airport, PADS (Parallex Aircraft Docking System), is a ground static system which combines similar signal formats to those of AGNIS and PAPA to provide stand centreline guidance and stopping information.
The city of Mobile, Ala, had been using their Automated Government News Information System, or AGNIS, as she is fondly referred to, for over five years and call volume had dropped to a fairly low level The city's real problem, however, was that the courthouse was inundated with repetitive calls every day about parking and speeding tickets.