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(Sanskrit) Hindu god of fire in ancient and traditional India

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At the insistence of his domineering Aunt Agnis (Judi Dench), Quoyle returns home to a small fishing village in Newfoundland to start afresh, accompanied by his young daughter, Bunny.
tapur agnis +tapur [d.sub.i]vaus, *tapus [t.sub.u]vam sure bhava /1/
At the insistence of his Aunt Agnis (Judi Dench) he returns home to a small fishing village in Newfoundland to start afresh.
The unbelievably timely death of both his parents that same weekend brings the mysterious Agnis Hamm (Judi Dench) into his life.
Quoyle Kevin Spacey Wavey Prowse Julianne Moore Agnis Harem Judi Dench Petal Cate Blanchett Tert Card Pete Postlethwaite Jack Buggit Scott Glenn Beaufield Nutbeem Rhys Ifans Billy Pretty Gordon Pinsent Dennis Buggit Jason Behr Bayonet Melville Larry Pine Silver Melville Jeanetta Arnette EMS Officer Robert Joy Bunny Alyssa Gainer/ Kaitlyn Gainer/ Lauren Gainer Guy Quoyle John Dunsworth Herry Prowse Will McAllister Cousin Nolan Marc Lawrence Mavis Bangs Nancy Beatty As ungainly as its central, befuddled character, "The Shipping News" never quite finds its own internal compass.
The city of Mobile, Ala., had been using their Automated Government News Information System, or AGNIS, as she is fondly referred to, for over five years and call volume had dropped to a fairly low level.
Lupis et agnis quanta sortito obtigit, / tecum mihi Discordia est ...
Agnis Krumins was sentenced to eight months in jail at Coventry Crown Court after using his bank account to bring thousands of pounds into the country.
Now being trialled at a leading UK airport, PADS (Parallex Aircraft Docking System), is a ground static system which combines similar signal formats to those of AGNIS and PAPA to provide stand centreline guidance and stopping information.