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Synonyms for agenda

hidden agenda


  • hidden motive
  • secret plan
  • secret intention
  • hidden ploy
  • ulterior motive
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Synonyms for agenda

an organized list, as of procedures, activities, or events

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Synonyms for agenda

a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to

a list of matters to be taken up (as at a meeting)

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Loehe's comments in the preface to the 1844 Agende evidence Wyneken's own concerns about the challenge presented to the Lutheran immigrants by the Protestant revivalists and the Roman Catholics.
Specializing in the history and theology of Vatican II, new Catholic movements, and 20th-century Catholicism, he has recently published, besides a number of articles, the following volumes: Breve storia dei movimenti cattolici (2008); Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli--Giovanni XXIII, Tener da conto: Le agende di Bulgaria (1925-1934), ed.
This perspective guided his work on orders for worship (see his Agende) as well as his efforts with liturgical practice in the parish church and deaconess community.
Wilhelm Loehe, Agende fur christliche Gemeinden des lutherischen Bekenntnisses, GW VII/1:90; see also Ratke, Confession and Mission, 112-13.
When in 1822 he also imposed a particular order of service (Agende) on the church, many objected.
Per una banda estan contents, per l'altra saben que els toca administrar la situacio, i s'adonen que la gent--en gran mesura, els seus votants--esta desbordant previsions i agendes.] (Soler, 2012, p.
* Adequate staffing levels for community corrections agendes so that community supervision officers are not burdened with high caseloads;
Agendes can be liable for copyright infringement (108) and, when using voluntary consensus standards, are required to "observe and protect the rights of the copyright holder and any other similar obligations." (109) In light of these legal principles, some agencies have incorporated by reference for the express purpose of respecting copyright.
While courts and state civil rights agendes have been inconsistent in their reception to this new theory, plaintiffs bringing these daims have been achieving increased success in recent years, particularly in federal courts.
A snapshot of recent cuts says it all: Atlanta's university system could lose $105 million in state funding in the next budget go-round, as state agendes have been ordered to reduce spending by 7.5 percent.