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Synonyms for agar

any culture medium that uses agar as the gelling agent

a colloidal extract of algae


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Further organisms other than glucose-fermentative and nonfermentative gram-negative rods were identified provisionally by their appearance on Gram stains and colonial morphology on 5% sheep blood agar; identification was confirmed by standard methods (Kodaka et al, 1995).
The tests were urease, oxidase, indole, catalase, TSI agar.
Although many of these infections are treated empirically urine cultures involve a significant portion of clinical microbiology laboratory's daily workload.23 The etiological diagnosis of UTI requires quantitative urine culture on standard agar media because only 20 to 30% of urine samples results in significant growth with predominant causative agents which are E.
Traditionally conventional media like Blood agar (BA) and MacConkey agar (MAC) are being used in combination by most of the laboratories especially in the developing countries for long and Cystine lactose electrolyte-deficient (CLED) agar has been added later on but none of these media singly or in combination can support the growth and/or identification of possible uropathogens.6 As a result there is continuous strive by the laboratories to streamline and improve urine culture algorithms.
Growth characteristics of Staphylococcus aureus Blood Agars Cultural Characteristics Hemolysis BAP without inoculum no growth No growth Sheep's blood medium to large, smooth, Beta slightly raised and translucent Washed expired blood medium to large, smooth, Beta slightly raised and translucent Unwashed expired blood large, smooth and raised Gamma Unwashed fresh blood medium and flattened colonies Gamma Washed fresh blood large, smooth and green Partial beta colonies Table 4.
In most clinical microbiology laboratories, the selection of colonies from primary cultures for further workup as putative beta-hemolytic streptococci (BHS) is made on the basis of the hemolytic reaction on blood agar (BA) as well as the colonial morphology (Anand et al.
Agars warned, "Businesses shouldn't put a sizable investment in Eastern Europe until it is more stable politically.
Edlund said, "The profession has an important role to play in the transition from a socialist to a market economy." In Agars's view, accounting firms are there "as much to give to their communities as to get new business.
From the tubes showing growth and gas production, loopful was streaked on to conventional Levine's Eosin-methylene blue agar (L-EMB, Himedia, India) and alternatively to Hicrome E.
Statistical comparison of the performances of the two media, EMB agar and Hicrome E.
Agars looks for "far greater accountability" in international capital markets as competition for available capital intensifies between developing nations, Eastern European nations and aid programs.
Routine laboratory protocol for HVS analysis consisted of inoculation onto blood agar and Chocolate/Thayer Martin agar, with a wet prep for Trichomonas vaginalis and a Gram stain.
Four different chromogenic agar culture plates: CHROMagar[TM] StrepB, ChromID, Oxoid Granada, and StrepB Select, were compared with 5% Columbia blood agar and routine laboratory detection.
We compared blood agar plates made of sheep, horse, and human blood for their ability to demonstrate [beta]-hemolysis and three simple methods for motility detection.
Hemolysis types were determined by subculturing them on 5% horse, sheep, and human blood agar plates: [alpha]-, [beta]-, and [gamma]-hemolysis were defined, according to standard criteria (13).