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a command of the United States Air Force that is responsible for defending the United States through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations

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From there, the Simplified General Perturbations version 4 (SGP4) algorithm used by AFSPC to differentially correct orbit estimations can be executed, using the new measurements to create an updated TLE.
One opportunity 24 AF is working, in close coordination with AFSPC leadership, is revamping the current program for increasing bandwidth and connectivity at the bases.
Abbreviations AFSPC Air Force Space Command CFE commercial and foreign entity DOD Department of Defense ESA European Space Agency GEO geosynchronous Earth orbit GMWS Geosynchronous Monitoring and Warning System GPS Global Positioning System ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization ITU International Telecommunication Union JSpOC Joint Space Operations Center km kilometer LEO low Earth orbit MEO medium Earth orbit NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration SOCRATES Satellite Orbital Conjunction Reports Assessing Threatening Encounters in Space SSA space situational awareness SSN space surveillance network SSS space surveillance system TLE two-line element UN United Nations USSTRATCOM United States Strategic Command
Jumper, took great interest in the AFSPC effort, and via the Air Force Medical Operations office directed the Human Systems Information Analysis Center to coordinate an independent technical review of the proposed program before making Air Force-wide changes.
The approximately 1,611 enlisted active and Reserve ISR personnel within AFSPC make up 46 percent of the total enlisted force within the command; enlisted active and Reserve space operators represent 1,506 or 43 percent of the enlisted force within AFSPC; and the command includes 581 intelligence officers--9 percent of the total officer force compared to the 3,380 space officers or 52 percent of AFSPC's total officers.
Patalano, Jeanne, GS-12; AFSPC Comptroller/FMA--Peterson AFB
AFSPC personnel operate sensors that provide direct attack warning and assessment to U.
AFSPC announced on 24 October 2008 that the Twenty-fourth Air Force would be stood up to accomplish the USAF cyberspace mission underneath AFSPC.
Together, these squadrons work to provide independent assessments of new systems and present AFSPC senior leaders with fielding recommendations.
The establishment of AFSPC in 1982 signaled the Air Force's recognition of the importance of space and the need to mature capabilities within this separate warfighting domain.
However, a joint letter currently in coordination from AFSPC, director of Operations and LC states, "We have directed our wings to maintain their maintenance schedule instead of making changes that free resources to immediately work off-alerts [missiles].
And the answers can help Air Force and AFSPC senior leaders make better decisions.
AFSPC provides a full-spectrum space combat command, preeminent in the application of space power for national security and joint warfare, and defends North America through its space and intercontinental ballistic missile operations--vital force elements in projecting global reach and global power.
AFSPC created the Joint Warfighting Space (JWS) initiative, based on combatant commanders' feedback that requested improvement in the tailoring and responsiveness of space.