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This will access transaction information and allow AFS managers to communicate via the Web regarding work done by C&W.
Though AFS is capable of becoming widely used, such growth is unlikely without the support of a major instrument manufacturer.
AFS has also hired Juliette Garesche as senior director of EHS.
* Hear about what's new at AFS from AFS CEO Doug Kurkul.
Last week's exchange value of the greenback stood at 52.20 afs and 1,000 Pakistani rupees at 535 afs, he said.
Casting Defect Analysis AFS Institute SCHAUMBURG, IL
Shams-ur-Rahman, a shopkeeper on the airport road, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani rice for 3,800 afs and a 50-kg bag of sugar for 2,300 afs.
Amanullah, a shopkeeper in Qala-i-Fathullah, sold a 50-kg sack of Pakistani rice at 3,800 afs and 50 kg Pakistani sugar for 2,200 afs.
Fuel prices also remained unchanged over the week, with a litre of petrol costing 58 afs, while similar quantity of diesel sold at 57 afs, said Sidiqullah, a filling station owner in Taimani Square.
A gas dealer in the Taimani locality, Abdullah, said one kilogramme of liquefied gas was sold for 40 afs, similar to last week's price.
"We honor Oman's outstanding service to not only AFS, but the entire industry," said Jerry Call, AFS executive vice president.
A kilo of black tea jumped from 190 afs to 200 afs, while the same amount of green tea soared from 160 afs to 170 afs.
Ian Kay, Hot Metal Technology LLC, Mundelein, Ill., received an AFS service citation for his dedication to education and his service as an ambassador for the Cast Metals Institute (CMI), AFS and the metalcasting industry.
A litre of petrol cost 60 afs and diesel 58 afs against last week's prices of 65afs and 62afs, said Mohammad Siddique, a filling station worker in the Taimani Square area.
A 50-kilogram bag of Brazilian sugar cost 1,800 afghanis, registering 50afs decrease against its last week's rate of 1,850 afs, said Haji Fazl Rahman, the Food Traders' Union head.