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a United States Air Force defense laboratory responsible for discovering and developing and integrating fighting technologies for aerospace forces

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To create a constant stream of new technological talent flowing toward AFRL, the Air Force must educate students to the scientific opportunities that exist at its research labs before they choose an employer or career path.
AFRL is making significant contributions to bioengineering through the investigation of a new class of polymer, or "biopolymer" that is based on DNA and derived from bio-waste materials.
AFRL is responsible for the Air Force's science and technology budget of nearly $1.
The war fighters love them," says Les McFawn, executive director of AFRL.
The family of rockets being proposed for the FALCON program can be as large as 250,000 pounds of thrust, according to AFRL spokesman Ranney Adams.
The AFRL award is a five-year task order valued at approximately $5.
During the first weekend, the AFRL team scanned more than 200 people per day, providing participants with full-color printouts and educating them about this cutting-edge technology.
The Exelis team is poised to help solve the government's toughest cyber security problems through a partnership with AFRL that will benefit both operational customers and the science and technology communities," said David Fastabend, vice president of ITT Exelis Advanced Information Systems business.
Engility has partnered with AFRL since 2000 to support next generation weapon system infrastructure.
AFRL began work with FlexSys in 1998 through the Small Business Innovative Research (SIBR) program.
AFRL fellows are nominated by their directorates and selected by the AFRL commander through a highly competitive process that recognizes our very best scientists and engineers," said Dr.
According to Protonex, the prototype represents the further development of the P1 system delivered by Protonex to the AFRL in March.
AFRL is addressing the problems associated with embedded information systems by using newly developed emulation technology hosted on the latest commercial processor hardware.
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