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Eileen Drake, Aerojet Rocketdyne CEO and president stated, "Through the AFRE program, we aim to mature the design and component technologies and bring them together to conduct a full system-level Turbine Based Combined Cycle (TBCC) ground test demonstration.
AFRE seeks to develop and demonstrate a new aircraft propulsion system that could operate over the full range of speeds required from low-speed takeoff through hypersonic flight.
AFRE aims to explore a turbine-based combined cycle (TBCC) engine concept, which would use a turbine engine for low-speed operations and a dual-mode ramjet which would work efficiently whether the air flowing through it is subsonic (as in a ramjet) or supersonic (as in a scramjet)for high-speed operations.
AFRE aims to develop critical technologies and culminate in ground-based testing of a full-scale, integrated technology demonstration system.
To familiarize potential participants with the technical objectives of AFRE, DARPA has scheduled a Proposers Day in advance of a planned Broad Agency Announcement (BAA).