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The actual idea of AFM was first articulated that summer during a luncheon attended by five Los Angeles-based independent film distribution executives.
Additionally, Asylum says the Cypher ES Polymer Edition offers high resolution fast scanning AFM with integrated environmental control.
Even with our support, the cost of attending the AFM was too high for these French companies," says Unifrance assistant general manager Gilles Renouard.
The MultiMode 8 is Bruker's premier high-resolution research AFM, which is available with an extensive list of new features and accessories that make it ideal for some of the most demanding AFM applications.
In these troubled times, no venture capital investment comes with any guarantees but when AFM does help to create a local business success story it should receive the credit it deserves.
Wickramasinghe says that so far, 40-base DNA segments are the largest that his team's AFM tip has transported.
The AFM tip can be thought of as a nanometer-scale finger that we have at our disposal to interface with matter on the scale of individual molecules, and even atoms.
Paige said one particularly valuable aspect of the AFM is its ability to create images under liquid.
There are no more AFM bosses like Petrillo, who in the '30s had enough clout to make all the radio stations in Chicago hire union musicians to flip records.
Paul Weyrich and Gary Bauer, two longtime Religious Right leaders, urged the AFM, which was formed with the goal of adding an amendment to the Constitution banning gay marriage, to investigate the charges.
AFM uses a sharp, pyramidal tip integrated on the underside of a cantilever, collectively called the 'probe' and usually made of silicon nitride ([Si.
These efforts have included material-independent methods of tip shape calibration using AFM [41, 50-52] and alternative procedures using indentation of reference materials [53-55].
We are extremely pleased that the Panel recognized the critical stake that performing artists have in the royalty fees and payment methods," said Tom Lee, AFM international president.
Headquartered at Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, AFM is the key event to find buyers for movies that deliver American-style entertainment - recognizable actors, explosions, starlets and car chases - to places like Bolivia, Bulgaria, Singapore and South Korea.
As the name implies, AFM is a metal-finishing process that forces abrasive laden media back and forth across surfaces and through holes that are otherwise impossible to finish cost-effectively.