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the largest federation of North American labor unions

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I'm just going to do a better job reaching out and trying to work with the members of the AFL-CIO.
In recent decades, corporate CEOs have been taking a greater share of the economic pie while wages have stagnated and unemployment remains high," the AFL-CIO report said.
The AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund promotes good corporate governance through proxy voting and shareholder activism.
He believes that the AFL-CIO had been misinformed of what happened in Bahrain and should not have raised the petition.
And that is why this struggle against the AFL-CIO foreign policy program is so very important: we will be unable to change our labor movement until we consciously repudiate the US Empire and break AFL-CIO leaders' collaboration with it.
Oregon AFL-CIO President Tom Chamberlain said Merkley's electability was a factor in the endorsement.
Wal-Mart told Reuters it had asked the SEC for permission to omit a shareholder proposal submitted by the AFL-CIO, which asks for disclosure on how the company uses compensation consultants, from the proxy for its upcoming annual meeting.
Antonio Bernabe, day laborer organizer for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights in Los Angeles, said the AFL-CIO alliance would help day laborers advance their cause.
Members of AFL-CIO local central labor councils collaborate on common goals, such as increasing parental involvement in schools and protecting employees' incomes, pensions, and health benefits.
Byron Hobbs, president of SEIU Local 20 in Chicago and the youngest African American leader on the national executive board of SEIU, has been an enthusiastic supporter of the decision to leave the AFL-CIO.
It is absurd to suggest that John Sweeney's leadership of the AFL-CIO laid the groundwork for labor's decline.
In what amounted to a seismic shift in Union power, several large factions of the AFL-CIO broke away from the coalition, purportedly because they were unhappy with the direction the union was taking.
Throughout much of its history, the AFL-CIO has carried out a reactionary labor program around the world.
Filed last month by the AFL-CIO and senior citizens groups, the suit alleges that AstraZeneca initiated the ad campaign to preserve its heartburn medication market share as its patent on Prilosec was about to expire.