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the largest federation of North American labor unions

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Some influential trade unions had endorsed the candidate a month before, but the AFL-CIO nod was essential to broadening his appeal.
"While Moroccan law recognizes the right to strike, AFL-CIO feels that the country's legislation on the matterboth existing laws and the draft law being considered at the parliamentfalls short on some essential aspects of workers' rights."The right to strike is one of the most significant elements of the right of freedom of association and is a means to ensure that the working class can defend their moral and economic rights," the email pointed out.
The source base for Minchin's crisply written and organized account, spanning ten chronological chapters and a brief epilogue on Trumka's presidency, consists of 60 oral history interviews plus archival material drawn from unprocessed and never-before-used AFL-CIO papers, collections in several presidential libraries, and a slew of personal papers.
The AFL-CIO poll found that, since June, Trump's support among union members has dropped 11 points in Ohio, nine points in Pennsylvania and seven points in Florida.
While CAFTA supporters "promised it would address the social and economic problems in the region and bring higher employment, stability and peace to Honduras and its neighbors," the AFL-CIO report contends that instead it has "only exacerbated the desperation and instability in Honduras."
According to the AFL-CIO findings, that figure is slightly larger than the discrepancy ten years ago (301:1 ratio) and much larger than the discrepancy thirty years ago (46:1).
"The TTIP is deigned to export economic dysfunction," declared Damon Silvers of the AFL-CIO at forums Wednesday where interest groups got 10 minutes each to have their say.
aACoeThe AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund reaching $4 billion is a great accomplishment.
In calling for better roads, bridges, airports, Obama said "the truth is, the only way we can do it on a scale that is needed is with bold action from Congress -- they're the ones with the purse strings." Obama also warned AFL-CIO members that Republicans are also dedicated to "dismantling unions." Obama's speech also tapped into his more general campaign theme that America is not a "you're on your own" society but one that works together.
The American Federation of Labour and Congress of Industrial Organisations (AFL-CIO) is petitioning the US to suspend its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Bahrain, which came into effect in August, 2006.
The labor umbrella group AFL-CIO says it will continue to oppose the pending U.S.
AFL-CIO's Secret War against Developing Country Workers: Solidarity or Sabotage?
WORCESTER - The annual Central Massachusetts AFL-CIO Labor Day Breakfast is typically an event for local Democrats to celebrate their strength.
President Obama inspired delegates at the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention recently.