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a federation of North American labor unions that merged with the Congress of Industrial Organizations in 1955

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KA Factor Group s product line offering will also comprise AFL s market-leading Fujikura fusion splicers and test equipment.
After his one-day interview with ASADA in April, he was never summoned again and the report was forwarded to the AFL on Aug 2.
AFL talent manager Kevin Sheehan confirmed that Kennelly's position would involve the formation of an underage European Australian rules team that would draw players from around a dozen countries, and play against the touring AFL-AIS team in April.
It was alleged that Fevola snapped Bingle nude during their brief relationship in 2006 and distributed the pic to other AFL players.
Well done to the AFL for choosing to reduce greenhouse pollution with the support of Origin Energy.
Its initial press conferences were not been particularly encouraging--evidencing the same predominance of pale, male and stale as the AFL down the street.
For additional information about AFL and its products, visit www.
The ACCC was concerned that the AFL and certain clubs used marketing material that was likely to mislead consumers about the price and benefits associated with membership.
Watching Gaelic games over the last few months, the style of play is very similar to AFL with guys running from the back line and hitting up a forward and getting it back and scoring.
As AFL continues to expand our reach globally, it is increasingly important to have leaders like Grant that drive results.
Ahmed EI Sakaty, Middle East Sales Manager AFL, the partnership will see Prologix selling, marketing, stocking of AFL products and solutions and all other different activities in the UAE.
It does worry me because I know that most, if not all, AFL clubs are going to Ireland in the off-season to have a look at recruiting Irish players.
Resolution 5 also reaffirms the commitment to legalization made by the AFL Executive Committee in February 2000.
AFL, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic products, filed two separate lawsuits yesterday--one against Fiberoptic Hardware, LLC, and one against SurplusEQ.
AFL announces it has closed on its acquisition of ALTA Group, a leading provider of services for the telecommunications industry with operations in Canada, the U.