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a federation of North American labor unions that merged with the Congress of Industrial Organizations in 1955

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Les Wigan, director, operations and digital, Fox Sports, said: "Watch AFL is a groundbreaking streaming service.
To establish an in-country presence, AFL acquired Optimal Cable Services in 2013.
Impartiality or the lack thereof is Hird's main concern as the AFL Commissioners' inclination, particularly Demetriou who has publicly declared that he does not share the same view as Hird's, may work to the prejudice of the Hird's interest because they were furnished with and were able to scrutinise the ASADA interim report.
AFL talent manager Kevin Sheehan confirmed that Kennelly's position would involve the formation of an underage European Australian rules team that would draw players from around a dozen countries, and play against the touring AFL-AIS team in April.
AFL WiZ Express, which offers express services through more than 160 Express Service Centers servicing more than five thousand zip codes across 144 cities in India.
Simultaneously, the analysts note that since the announcement of default by AF, AFL has not been servicing its borrowings from the parent, due to a standstill arrangement on all intra-group settlements.
It was alleged that Fevola snapped Bingle nude during their brief relationship in 2006 and distributed the pic to other AFL players.
Well done to the AFL for choosing to reduce greenhouse pollution with the support of Origin Energy.
Its initial press conferences were not been particularly encouraging--evidencing the same predominance of pale, male and stale as the AFL down the street.
AFL was applied cumulatively when the contractile tension induced by a stimulant reached a steady level or applied before the addition of a stimulant.
The GAA bans AFL sides from recruiting during the annual Under-17 International Rules system but Kennelly believes AFL clubs will find other ways of coaxing prospective players.
NBC research shows that a good 65% of the American public doesn't have a clue about the AFL, despite the fact that the 16-team league is starting its 17th year of operation.
Samuel Gompers, founder of the AFL, recognized that laboring people would gain awareness and education when the eight-hour workday provided leisure to enjoy the "people's university" (Ditzion, 1947, p.
In so doing he shows that the AFL was not the "coffin" of labor militancy it has been described as.
Led by Lewis, the industrial unions split from the AFL in 1934 and formed the Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO), a split that continued until 1955, when the rival groups merged.