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Hildebrand--20 AMXS, 20 FW, Shaw AFB SC (February 2017)
Final diagnoses were reviewed for the presence of granulomas and for the presence of AFB if Ziehl-Neelsen staining was performed.
Buckley AFB Stanley 847-6956; 847-6927; Corrizo Mr.
Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, Tyndall AFB, Fla.
Air Force Research Laboratory headquartered at Wright-Patterson AFB, covering the period from March 1, 2006, to Feb.
Suzanne White, 50th Contracting Squadron, Schriever AFB, CO
Jane Harman, D-El Segundo, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, a member of the Homeland Security Committee and a leader in the fight to protect Los Angeles AFB.
Specimens in which AFB were found in histologic sections were considered definite cases; specimens with negative AFB were considered suspected cases unless they had other diagnoses that could account for a clinical nodule or ulcer.
SSgt Tynissha Cromer, SrA Ahsif Safdar, SrA Dominic Urrutia, SrA Seantae Gudger--49 MXS, 49 WG, Holloman AFB
Arocho, Kenya, GS-12; AFMC/FMAO--Wright-Patterson AFB
2nd Air Force (technical training), Keesler AFB, Miss.
In October 2009, AFB launched a comprehensive web-based learning center for professionals working with seniors with age-related eye conditions.
The decision to locate the GLSC headquarters at Scott AFB came after considering many potential sites, said Col.
A total of almost 3,900 housing units will be privatized at the seven AETC bases included in Group II--Columbus AFB, Miss.
This year, these awards, one given as a supervisory award and the other as a non-supervisory, were given to Suzanne Snyder (21st Contracting Squadron, Peterson AFB, Colorado, AFSPC) and Capt Steven R.