Alfred the Great

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king of Wessex


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Microstar makes SGML and XML tools like Near & Far Designer and the Aelfred XML parser.
The city was destroyed by the Danes but repaired by Aelfred, king of the West Saxons in 886, and governed by portgraves from "porte" meaning a town and "gerefe" signifying a guardian or ruler.
Microstar's technology expertise includes the development of XML and SGML tools such as Near & Far(R) Designer and the AElfred XML parser.
4) The denotation "the Great" is certainly not earlier than the seventeenth century and was popularized by Sir John Spelman's The Life of Aelfred the Great (Oxford, 1709), and by Paul de Rapin-Thoyras, The History of England, 15 vols.
58) In his Old English Preface, he mentions as his motive for translation his regret that his countrymen lacked godspellican lare ["gospel teaching"] in their own language, "except for the books that King Alfred wisely turned from Latin to English" ["buton pam bocum [eth]e AElfred cyning snoterlice awend of ledene on englisc"].