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fruiting body of some rust fungi bearing chains of aeciospores

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The genera Puccinia (with 81 species), Uromyces (with 26), Aecidium (12) and Phakopsora (12) had the highest number of species (Figure 2).
In the same catalogue, the species of the teleomorphic genera Puccinia, Uromyces and Phakopsora represented 54% of occurrences, while the anamorphs Aecidium and Uredo accounted for 19%.
En el subgrupo IA, se incluye ademas un representante del genero Cumminsiella y de la especie anamorfica Aecidium kalanchoe.
Lenn6 (1990) reported this species as Aecidium cassiae from Nigeria based on herbarium records from IMI.
Aecidium decoloratum Schweinitz, En: Berkeley & Curtis, J.
Anamorfo: Aecidium tubulosum Patouillard & Gaillard, Bull.
Anamorfos en Aecidium Persoon, Caeoma Link, Malupa Ono.