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Synonyms for cipher



Synonyms for cipher

a totally insignificant person

to ascertain by mathematics

Synonyms for cipher

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In addition to TEG and TEP, AES's CFB facilities include AES Hawaii, AES Puerto Rico, AES Shady Point in Oklahoma, AES Thames in Connecticut, AES Warrior Run in Maryland and Aixi in China.
AES is one of the world's largest global power companies, with 2005 revenues of $11 billion.
AES undertakes no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.
Babcock Power Environmental will engineer and supply the equipment and Nicholsen & Hall will construct the AES Westover project.
AES Panama's credit metrics are adequate for the rating category.
The ratings of AES Panama are not constrained by the sovereign rating of Panama, as access to foreign exchange--the key determinant of external creditworthiness--is not limited by finite foreign-exchange reserves or controls.
This is an attractive acquisition for us, both in terms of its existing operations as well as its potential for future re-powering opportunities," said Ned Hall, AES Vice President of Wind Generation.
AES entered the wind generation business in 2004 and has invested approximately $265 million to date.
The positive market reception to this share offering and recent upgrade of AES Gener to investment grade reflect its good performance and strong growth prospects," said Andres Gluski, President of AES Latin America.
In Chile, AES Gener is constructing a 120 MW power plant and is planning to build two coal-fired power plants totaling 450 MW.
AES said that, since October 2005, it has already committed to approximately $100 million in investments which will generate over 17 million tonnes of carbon reduction credits through 2012.
AES's partnerships with Los Alamos and XL Tech Group - an architect and builder of high value new businesses, primarily in the ecotech, biotech and medtech fields - give AES the opportunity to develop and commercialize proprietary energy-related technologies developed by these entities.
To access the webcast and presentation materials, go to the AES website at www.
Under the terms of the agreement, AES Kingston Holdings, B.
This compelling opportunity resulted from a review of our global portfolio of businesses," said AES President and Chief Executive Officer Paul Hanrahan.