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That, combined with Amazon's shopper data, means more relevant ads and greater conversion rates.
Already dominant in the e-commerce, travel and service industries, Push Ads, deliver unparalleled click-through rates, way beyond 10%, thus easily outperforming traditional ad formats.
Radcliffe advised, "(Newspapers) need to improve the user experience for readers coming to their digital properties." He cites an "overwhelming array of banner ads, pop-ups, or side bars full of garish-looking adverts" are often found on local news sites, the kind that make people want to use the most extreme ad blocker possible.
For users of Chrome, the browser displays a small notice when you land on a page known to have bad ads. You can click for more information, but the complete lack of ads should be self-explanatory.
Google's initiative, meanwhile, is aimed at helping publishers weed out bad ads, which annoy users and often result in lower engagement.
The experts compared FB Collection Ads to YouTube's Shoppable ads, the firm noted.
So what can advertisers do to make their ads acceptable for users?
Other technology can "reinsert" ads that have been blocked.
But increasingly, users say, they're the ones paying for the ads: with their privacy, their patience, and their mobile bandwidth.
Although readers may have decided not to read an ad because they recalled seeing and reading it in a previous issue, repeated ads can continue to build awareness with each placement.
Among features of ad spending in 2009, expenditures on online ads topped those on newspaper ads for the first time.
The former spent NT$606 million on ads last year, for a slight annual decline of 1.2%, while P&G saw its ad spending plunge 30% to NT$486 million.
So ads on your Web site must comply with some rules.