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Synonyms for sampling

items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population

measurement at regular intervals of the amplitude of a varying waveform (in order to convert it to digital form)

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Name Package CVAR number backprop Rodinia 2.1 5 heartwall Rodinia 2.1 2 kmeans Rodinia 2.1 8 hotspot Rodinia 2.1 10 leucocyte Rodinia 2.1 16 srad_v1 Rodinia 2.1 13 lavaMD Rodinia 2.1 5 adpcm mibench 2 susan-s mibench 8 183.equake Spec2K INT 5 Spec2K INT 13 LU OmpSrc 2.0 4 mandelbrot OmpSrc 2.0 3 MD OmpSrc 2.0 7 Pi OmpSrc 2.0 2 blackscholes Parsec 2.1 0 badloop self-coded 1 MatMul self-coded 0
For both the user code and libraries, the amount of reduction in code size typically ranges from around 25% to around 30%, with an average reduction of about 27% for user code and about 26% for library code.(11) There are a few programs (li, perl, vortex, adpcm) where the user code is noticeably more compressible than the libraries, and a few others (go, gsm, rasta) where the libraries are more compressible.
CD-ROM XA CD-ROM eXtended Architecture (specifies ADPCM qualities)
As for audio, XA ADPCM requires a dedicated digital signal processor which is now regarded as too expensive for base level machines, so they will be using an 8-bit digital audio converter with multivoice synthesis, and eventually systems will include a multi-purpose digital signal processor.
The 32 kb/s ADPCM link is used in various digital communication networks, including corporate private networks, and long-distance transmission lines in public-switched network.
FREQUENCY OF LDMIA AND STMIA IN THUMB Bench LDMIA with R7 in STMIA with R7 in mark Total cycles the transfer list the transfer list Cycles Ratio (%) Cycles Ratio (%) jpeg 9,790,443 0 0.000000 2 0.000020 mpeg 61,937,680 99,837 0.160000 0 0.000000 gzip 10,316,607 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 susan 37,402,371 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 gsm 395,051,939 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 adpcm 16,381,799 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 blowfish 20,897,219 0 0.000000 0 0.000000 average - - 0.023000 - 0.000029
1(a)) the additional subsystem for the adaptive prediction is shown (buffer and predictor coefficients estimator which are connected with dotted lines), forming an ADPCM encoder.
The S1V30300 supports AAC LC as well as ADPCM audio codec, enabling the creation of high-sound-quality systems with small data volumes.
General DataComm has upgraded its GDC APEX Voice Service Module by introducing 8Kb/s CS-ACELP compressed voice capabilities on the same platform as the industry standard 32Kb/s ADPCM.
Some of the more common ones in VFRADs are G.723 (MP-MLQ), G.726 (ADPCM), G.728 (LD-CELP), G.729 (CSA-CELP) and GSM.
These cards boast features like DSP, ADPCM data compression, 3D sound, fax moderns and voice mail, voice recognition and more.
From ADPCM to YUV color system, this glossary from Intel includes a great deal of information about multimedia concepts.
Algorithms such as CD-ROM/XA, which are based on time-domain ADPCM techniques, can be decoded in 5% to 10% of PB's available cycles.
The preliminary specification uses ADPCM interleaved audio from the CD-Inter-active standard, and VGA level graphics were demonstrated with a consumer electronics product catalog.
To evaluate our proposed method, we choose 3 programs (adpcm, fft1k and matmul) from SNU real-time benchmarks [68] and perform simulation in Sim-Panalyzer [69], WCET is analyzed with HEPTANE tool [70].