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a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage

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Businesses using electronic storage systems to maintain books and records or ADP systems to produce and process books and records may qualify the entire systems under section 6001.
This capability associates the mandatory sensitivity label (classification level and categories) with users and with information being input/output to the ADP system, including printing the labels on hardcopy output.
02 of the procedure states that "[a]n ADP system must not be subject, in whole or in part, to any agreement (such as a contract or license) that would limit or restrict the IRS's access to and use of the ADP system on the taxpayer's premises (or any other place where the ADP system is maintained.
Insurance companies that maintain machine-sensible records within an ADP system to determine losses incurred under Sec.
We want our CPA partners as knowledgeable as possible about ADP systems, financial reporting tools and business office consolidation so they can provide the best accounting and business consulting services that help dealers maximize their bottom line," Mason said.
Reflection enables us to connect with and run applications on the client's ADP system and extract the financial data we need -- from our own PCs -- so we save travel time, don't disrupt the client's office, and can look for other opportunities to service the client.
Easy to operate, and integrated with the dealer's existing ADP system, PartScan can be used with bar-coded parts currently supplied by manufacturers such as General Motors, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura and Volvo.
This certification assures dealers the consultants that are helping them get better use of their ADP system have been trained and tested on its latest features, especially downloading data to a PC.
These benefits were achieved because confidence in the payroll system had been bolstered by the reliability generated by the ADP system.
CDSI ITS will provide a variety of ADP system support services to DOL ESA, including mainframe and large multi-user computer support, and LAN and WAN maintenance.
Ensuring the uniform classification of flat panel displays which can display signals from both ADP systems and other sources (such as DVD players, video cameras, satellite receivers) has become technically impossible.
91-59's more restrictive features and addresses new developments in ADP systems.
In recent years, however, because of the explosive growth of ADP systems, the IRS found that it did not have enough computer audit specialists (CASs) to conduct these evaluations.
Before joining TSYS, Bueno worked for companies such as ACI Worldwide, Grupo Omnia, Banco PanAmericano, ADP Systems and Grupo Villares.
Using IBS consultants and ADP systems expertise, HRB and other ADP products will be delivered to employers on an expedited and highly affordable basis.