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a system of one or more computers and associated software with common storage

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This addressed all types of ADP systems, including microcomputer systems, data base management systems (DBMSs), and electronic data interchange (EDI) systems.
An ADP system is an accounting or financial system that processes all or part of a taxpayer's transactions, records or data by nonmanual methods.
The lag in guidance on ADP systems frustrates taxpayers and the IRS alike in their mutual desire to expedite the efficient examination process.
Using HR data from our ADP system, we can quickly generate org charts with OrgPlus to upload to our intranet and share with the entire company," said Steve Eagle, Clinical Business Operations Specialist, Millennium.
392, as establishing that all machine-sensible data media and records within an ADP system are records for purposes of section 6001 and Treas.
at any time during a tax year that maintains machine-sensible records within an ADP system.
91-59 specifies the basic requirements that the IRS considers essential when a taxpayer's records are maintained within an ADP system.
Scheduled for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2001, the ADP system, which incorporates Tru-Si's innovative NoTouch(TM) wafer handling technology, will be used in a new 8-inch wafer thinning operation, and represents Tru-Si's first installation in the expanding Southeast Asia region.
We depend on the Advent system for the vehicle sales department just as we do on the ADP system for fixed operations and accounting and data processing.
By better understanding the ADP system, especially the WRQ Reflection(R) emulator program that lets us download data from the client's host to our own PC or laptop for analysis, we can bring more value to our clients," said Tony Allison, Manager of Office Manager Services for Crowe, Chizek and Co.
Power and Associates, will be available to dealers using the ADP system, and it is currently available to dealers on the Reynolds + Reynolds ERA System.
Reflection enables us to connect with and run applications on the client's ADP system and extract the financial data we need -- from our own PCs -- so we save travel time, don't disrupt the client's office, and can look for other opportunities to service the client.
The IMPCO ADP system utilizes microprocessor-based feedback analysis to instantaneously adjust for proper performance and emission control.
Easy to operate, and integrated with the dealer's existing ADP system, PartScan can be used with bar-coded parts currently supplied by manufacturers such as General Motors, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura and Volvo.
Once these experts have determined the full extent of infringement, Quotron will file for an injunction prohibiting ADP, Smith Barney or any other customer from utilizing any ADP system based on, or derived from, Quotron proprietary software.